Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Savannah, Part 3

Here is the restored Tybee Lighthouse which was one of the first public structures in Georgia, and one of the earliest lighthouses in American history. The original was completed in 1736. Today it is 154 ft. tall (the bottom 60 ft. date from 1773, the upper 94 ft. from 1867).

Little Man was SOOOO excited to see the lighthouse! He kept saying "wighthouse" over and over. Here are Little Man and hubby walking towards the lighthouse. There are 178 cast iron steps up to the top of the lighthouse and Little Man excitedly climbed 3/4 of the way until loud music from outside scared him.

Little Man looking out the window once we had reached the top.

Once we reached the bottom the guide let Little Man wear a Lighthouse Keeper Cap so he could join the Junior Lighthouse Keeper Club.

We walked outside and saw the rest of the grounds and the restored lighthouse keeper's cottage...
and then we got in the car to start the trip home, and Little Man had a smile for miles talking about his visit to the lighthouse.
We had a great time.
Tomorrow I'll post a photo of the completed pirate chests.

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Hope all is well! Savannah looks nice!