Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Beginning of Our 2017 Germany Trip

After our fun family visit in PA we drove to the airport in Baltimore. We had dinner at the airport before our evening flight to first Iceland and then Frankfurt.

We flew on WOW Air for the first time and made sure to load our iPads with movies and books for the flight since the plane wouldn't have in-flight entertainment. We also packed snacks and ate at the airports since the food offerings are small and not included. Little Man had no problem occupying himself, and was excited to fly again.

Everything went smoothly until we hit issues with our rental car. First they did not have the car we had reserved. We wound up with an Opel station wagon and as we were about 45 minutes away we had to call and tell them we needed to switch cars because the air conditioning didn't work. We turned around and were 10 minutes away from the airport when we were hit by a truck. Then we had to wait for the police, drive and deal with the paperwork for the car (the rental office wanted us to pay for the totaled car).

Above is the first rental car and below is the truck that hit us.

After the car debacle it took us HOURS to get to my host family's house (we ended up in rush hour traffic), so we didn't get there until much later than we had planned. We were able to sit and spend time with my host father and then eat a pizza dinner before going to bed. We slept until the next afternoon (eek!) and had brunch. We spent time with my host parents and then that evening we drove to the Market Square and had dinner with my host father's sister. We grilled out on the balcony overlooking the square and it was so delicious (Lora owns a butcher shop so she REALLY knows her way around meat). Little Man made fast friends with her dog Paulie, and we all had a great time talking and eating.

The next day we headed to the all weather pool, which was a stop Little Man had requested because he loved it so much last time.

We spent a few hours swimming inside and out and I also went to the sauna and relaxed a bit looking at the garden through a panoramic window...it was a great afternoon.

Later, my host father made a breaded pork chop meal with bleu cheese and preserves with a side of spaetzle...Little Man and Hubby were so impressed!

Little Man and I spent time exploring the backyard...

...he was especially excited to find sticks he could whittle with his new knife from my host father...

...and I walked around seeing what was the same and what had changed...

...there weren't many changes, even the shed that's used for socializing looked pretty much the same.

We also went to the grocery store.

And went walking in the village of Suttrop where my host parents live.

Little Man and Hubby loved the view of the town of Warstein below with the windmill and cows just a 10 minute walk from the house. This path is where they tried to teach me to ride a bike (unsuccessfully) many years ago...I showed Little Man how the path is bordered by prickly bushes.

When we stopped at an outdoor museum for mining we saw this great yarn bomb!

And then it was time for a real German treat...a meal of white asparagus (it was asparagus season, happily)...with boiled potatoes, ham and hollandaise sauce or melted butter. It's a favorite German meal of mine, and was devoured by Little Man and Hubby!

I still have so much to share about our trip!

Friday, June 16, 2017

Summer 2017 Family VIsit

Since we were heading out of Baltimore which isn't that long of a drive from my hometown we extended our trip to see my family first!

We left the same day school got out and drove about half of the way, and then finished the drive the next day.  We spent some time just with my Mom (like putting together the lighthouse garden) and we also went to the memorial gardens to leave flowers with my pop, grandparents and uncle.

It was stinking hot outside but once my brother and nephew joined us we had a jam-packed day! 

We had lunch at Schells...

...and then afterward we played some mini golf! 

We sweat so bad that we didn't even play all 27 holes,but we all had fun and then cooled down with ice cream afterwards.

After ice cream we drove to the other side of town to do an Escape Room experience...I've been wanting to try one for so long! We did Vacation Vandals and I had so much fun trying to figure out the clues! I say trying because we did NOT escape.

Later the boys got crafty and made Father's Day cards.

Look what my nephew came up with for my Superman-loving brother!!

We had such a fun trip!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

One Last Photo

Before I share anything else, can we please have a moment of silence for my knitting bag? You may remember last year when I had a streak of sewing project bags and DPN holders...and that's when I made this travel-themed bag. I was using some gorgeous remnants from a fellow knitter to knit socks with during our international trip. Well, I knit on them from Baltimore to Iceland, we got off the plane and had a quick bite before getting on our 2nd flight to Frankfurt, and then when we landed in Germany we had a cluster with the rental car company. We didn't get the car we wanted, and then we were driving stuck in a car with no A/C when we had to turn back to the airport to switch out the car. We were almost there when we were hit by a big truck. By the time we dealt with the police and then the rental car company that wanted us to pay for the whole car...we still had several hours of driving to do and I didn't realize I didn't have my bag. I don't know what happened to it. I contacted Lost and Found for the airports...I guess someone found it and kept it for themselves. The above photo is the last one I have of it.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Mother's Day Lighthouse Garden

I have REALLY been wanting to make a little fairy garden. I've thought about size, where I would put it, what I definitely want in it...and I went to Michael's to scope out supplies....and wound up instead completely coming up with an idea for my mother instead!

First I saw this seashell shaped planter. And it all took off from there. I bought what I could at Michaels...and then purchased the sand and glass rocks elsewhere. Oh, and I found the air plant in seashell in Charleston at the Market...love it!!!

So, you can't really ship a fairy garden, so I had to wait to gift it to my Mom. Then, originally I planned to put it together for her...but changed my mind and decided she and I would do it together. That way it was a fun activity to do together and she was able to put things where she wanted...bonus!

First we added the sand.

Then we added the rocks to make the "water"

Then we added the flamingo, lighthouse, sand dollars, starfish and the message in a bottle.

It came out great! Really awesome part? THE LIGHTHOUSE LIGHTS UP!!!!

Friday, June 9, 2017

New Shark Stitchmarkers!

Yes, I already have shark stitch markers. But, since shark-themed crafty items bring me joy,they're pretty inexpensive AND they take up no additional room because they all fit in my stitch marker storage...AND these were REALLY ingenious...I ordered them!

Silly Sheep Designs doesn't usually carry this set, they were created ahead of Shark Week. The were really fun to unwrap...everything was in a pretty cellophane package with a floral decoration. There were stickers and a bag of tea AND a shark water toy!

All the stitch markers were shipped on a storage ring to keep them together (love that) and I love the jaws marker...it moves! The jaws open and shut! It'll take some self control to keep from playing with it when I have it hanging from my knitting!

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Late Mother's Day Gift

Look what Little Man brought home for me today! He made this cute little man dish with a beret hat as the lid in school. He knew he wanted me to have it for Mother's Day but it was chosen for the art show so he was only able to bring it home today. Then, as he was running home with it in a paper bag he fell and dropped it right in the driveway outside of our house. He and Hubby both heard the horrible clink of pottery hitting concrete and Little Man was sure that it was broken. He started crying and was too afraid to look. Luckily, once Hubby checked on it, it was only chipped below the smile...and the chip was in the bag, so I'll be able to fix it and Little Man was able to give me my present with pride.

I couldn't mind the late present too much...I still have my gift for my mom. I sent her her card, but her gift isn't something that could be shipped...I'll share all about it in a later post!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Wonder Woman!

Back in March for International Women's Day I cast-on the sleeve of what will be my Wonder Woman sweater. I haven't gotten the chance to work on it as much as I would like, which at first sent me into a panic. I had originally planned to have the sweater done to wear to the movie theater when I saw Wonder Woman. Yeah, that wasn't going to happen. So I decided that my new goal is to have it ready for the Justice League movie in November. This goal will work well for a couple of reasons. One, Wonder Woman is in that movie too. Two, I won't be wearing a hot, heavy sweater during the summer!

I came up with the idea after seeing this pattern. I'm giving it my own twist though, so you'll have to check back to see what direction I'm taking it! I am still using two strands of yarn held together like the original pattern, so it definitely won't be a lightweight sweater!

I may not have had my sweater done but I had flip-flops and sunglasses my brother had gotten me to wear. Funny store about the sunglasses. YEARS ago...we're talking preschool age....I had a pair of Wonder Woman sunglasses. I wore them on a ferry ride while on vacation and they fell off into the ocean. For YEARS I would say how there was probably a fish wearing them like the Incredible Mr. Limpett. So this past Christmas my brother bought me these to replace them! This time I'll make sure not to lean over any rails while I'm wearing them!

Have you seen Wonder Woman? What did you think of it?

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Screen Porch Redo

 It was time for some new screen porch furniture. We wanted something that would be a little more comfortable for lounging...and we found it at Lowe's. We wound up unpacking it all in parking lot and stuffing the car full of the pieces to get it home when the box didn't fit by 1"...and there was a metal frame inside it so we couldn't just squeeze it. Have you ever done that? Unpacking in the parking lot? Hubby and I hurried to get it done before anyone we knew saw us!

Our old furniture that we've had since the first year in our last home:

The new furniture! I loved the blue accent pillows because it ties into the blue used in the walk-out basement. And pineapples? LOVE!

The new furniture is so comfortable you can LIE DOWN! In fact, Hubby took a nap out there the very first day! Sitting out there listening to the fountain is so peaceful.

If you're looking for us this summer you know where to look for us first!!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Homemade Sushi with Little Man

So Little Man LOVES sushi...which is awesome because he's into trying new things,but can get pricey because he's a growing kid. He also started talking about making sushi at home so he could pack leftovers for lunch.So, I broke out the Sushi Magic kit my sister had given to me ages ago. I bought ingredients over time, and then when Hubby was traveling (he's not a fan of sushi) Little Man and I made a sushi feast! We made nigiri (rice "balls" with sushi on top )and we made rolls. Some came out nicer than others, but they all tasted great! Little Man had a great time playing with combinations and was so proud to take his lunch the next day and show off some of his hard work!

We also had miso soup and edamame to round-out the meal...look at the huge smile on his face!