Monday, December 4, 2017

Crafting with Food: Spatchcocked Chicken!

EEEKKKK! I really don't like handling raw meat...but when I read up on a technique called "spatchcocking" a chicken...I decided to give it a whirl. Basically you cut the backbone of the chicken out so it lays flat and cooks quickly. I used a handy pair of kitchen shears for the cutting (and disposable food prep gloves) and totally was able to pull it off! The chicken roasted in a 500 degree oven for an hour and was done! Juicy and yummy, and so quick! I can't wait to try throwing a spatchcocked chicken on the grill!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Pineapple Tray

I have really been getting projects done and this tray is another one! I've had this tray stained and ready for decorating since BEFORE we moved to our current house. Now, I have added a pineapple decoration to it to you at my office when I eat lunch at my desk. I can finally use it AND as an added bonus it isn't taking up space in the craft room anymore. All it took was a decal from the Dollar Tree and some Mod Podge!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Ta-Da! The Final Tree Branch Canvas Project

 So, I let the canvas take time to dry, and then with several colors of paint (both bottled and blended) I sponge painted over the textured service.

Then I hot glued the plain branches and lit branches onto the canvas and stapled the cords to the back with a heavy duty stapler.

Next it was time to glue on the moss to cover the branch bases. I grabbed the moss in globs and hot glued them and it worked best like that.

Then it was time to light it up! SO happy with how it came out! And that the supplies are no longer sitting in the craft room! Sometimes you just have to jump in and get it done!

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Paper Bead Making

While I'm waiting for the canvas to dry I broke out my paper bead maker that I've been wanting to take for a spin. It's so fun! It came with paper you can cut into strips to get different shaped beads and I have a fun idea I want to make with it.

Until then, look at the cute beads I made! This tool makes it so quick and easy..but I did decide I don't need to keep the bottle (it didn't come with the maker) since it takes up so much more space that way. I can't wait to make more!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

A Long Delayed Project

 Have you ever gotten really excited about a project, bought the supplies and then gotten overwhelmed with the steps to make it? I think it happens to all crafters (at least I'm going to tell myself that). I've had a bag of supplies waiting in the craft room for AGES to make a canvas art piece with lit branches. My mother was even with me when I was picking out what I needed. But, I was afraid to start and unfortunately there the supplies stayed...until I went through my craft room with a vengeance this weekend and decided to get serious about getting rid of things and/or finishing projects.

The first thing the canvas needed was paint"

After the robin's egg blue paint dried it was time to apply the sculpting medium over it to give the canvas texture.

I never used this type of art supply before, and didn't quite know how to go about applying it...but in the end I just slapped it on the way that came to me and hoped for the best. Now it needs to dry for 24 hours until the next step.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Outlander Season 3 Premiere Night!

Have we talked about Outlander here before? Love, love, LOVE Outlander! Fortunately I'm not alone in when the Season 3 premiere was approaching another Outlander fan friend of mine started talking about us cooking for it. And since we both have the Outlander was a no-brainer!

First on our menu? Bridies stuffed with mushrooms. I made the dough and prepped all the ingredients for the filling before my friend arrived, we assembled them together and got them baking while we assembled the main course.

The main course? Shepherd's Pie.  First off we learned that with lamb it's shepherd's pie...and with ground beef it's cottage pie...never knew the difference! We made the luscious filling and topped it with golden mashed potatoes so we could get it in the oven.

After dinner was finished we had a rustic strawberry shortcake from a family recipe of my friend.

The entire meal was mouthwatering. We washed it down with Outlander wine and vowed to cook from the cookbook again because we had such a great time cooking together and then eating while we watched an episode.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Shark Week 2017 Socks!

Another Shark Week pair of socks bites the dust (pun intended). The intarsia (gray fins) sections took some work, I had to rip back once to make sure I had a tension that allowed me to actually WEAR the socks...but now they fit well and I'll be able to add them to my Shark Week sock wardrobe!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Knitting Lakeside

Back by the water again, but this time we're camping! We've already been out ON the water, so now I'm just enjoying looking at the water while I work on my Wonder Woman sweater. Doesn't get much better than this view right here...but a campfire, wine and some great food are in the future...and campfire knitting is pretty great too!

Have you ever knit by a campfire?

Friday, September 1, 2017

Crafting With Food: Little Man Edition!

Over the summer Little Man took a cooking camp at Sur La Table (he loves to cook) and he's been asking for when he could kick he did! He made these amazing chicken skewers with a marinade that was SO delicious!

And to go with the chicken he made Rainbow Slaw. Now, he left out the carrots for me...and I didn't know how it would taste because it was so different from things we normally eat. But, this slaw really proved that you should always keep an open mind and try things...because not only was it so healthy and a perfect complement to the was SO GOOD!

So, not only do I not have to worry that Little Man will go hungry when he's out on his own one day...I also know he can help out some more with cooking around the house...WIN-WIN!!!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Nautical Notions from Never Not Knitting

Y'all know I love the sea! So when I saw notions from Never Knot Knitting I jumped right in when they went on sale before the next season's inventory came in. Yay for sale!

I thought I'd like to share how cute everything came to me. I opened the box...

And found a smaller box inside.

I opened it up...

And my treasures were inside!

Would you look at that sea glass?!?!?! I love the scissor fob (connect one end to your knitting bag and the other to your scissors and never search for your scissors in the bottom of your bag again)...and the sea glass stitch markers!!! And the whale needle gauge! It's SO much cuter than the plastic white gauge I picked up when I first started knitting. And the scissors! It's all so beautifully made!