Saturday, March 28, 2020

Fun Pop-Up Card

The first card up is for my brother-in-law's birthday next week. I need to get it in the mail so it reaches him on time so I decided his card had to be the first one done! He's super into woodworking so his card has a work bench on the inside with tools that were paper-pieced together...and the outside I decorated with stickers. I hope it brings a smile!  Want to make one? The card is available in the Silhouette Design Studio. I just used brown, cream, yellow and silver cutting the pieces didn't take too long.

Friday, March 27, 2020

I Have A List...and I'm Checking it Twice

Have you ever thought to yourself that if you just had the time you could make all of your cards? Or at least more of them? Well, while we're not leaving home like usual, and life outside the house has greatly decreased; I thought it would be a great use of some of my time to make some of the cards I keep pinning on Pinterest for inspiration. I keep seeing super fun design elements that I think could make my loved ones, I've started a list! It covers from now moving forward of the events coming up that would be great to make cards for. Here are the pieces for four cards. I hope to get one a day done...but some of the cards I want to make have a lot of stamping and coloring so they may take longer (I am still working and having to do other things than just craft after all). I thought cutting out several cards during one sitting would help a little bit. I look forward to showing you the cards as I finish them!

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Nervous, Anxious, Super Cute Knitting!

While waiting, impatiently, for my precious little niece to be born I knit up this little "Five Hour Baby Sweater" which, you may remember, takes me a bit longer to knit than 5 hours. More like 7 or 8...but still super fast! It's knit from the top down and I just think it's a lot of cute bang for the effort. Since my niece's name was going to be Scarlett I drank my custom Scarlett Rose wine and used my little Scarlett stitch marker to keep me company while I waited to hear that the newest member of the family had arrived. I may have cast-on another sweater already! I made this sweater with some more of my friend's grandmother's stash too!

Friday, March 20, 2020

A Festive FO!

I've finished Julgran and I'm so happy with the fit! It's super cozy and I think it will be festive to wear during the holidays and I think I may jazz it up with some Christmas stitch markers if I want something less subtle. I'm imagining the stitch markers looking like ornaments on the tree! I enjoyed the construction of this project, the way the sleeves were picked up and the caps worked with short rows was different enough to keep me interested and I love how they came out. Also love the sleeve length. I did knit the body a bit longer just because if I wear it during the winter I don't want to worry that if I move I'm going to get a cold draft of air up my back! It was super easy to increase the length with the top down pattern. Another great thing about this project? A friend gave me the yarn from her grandmother's stash. It feels good to know the yarn was used for something fun and functional!

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Julgran is Almost Done!

So I finished my Bang Out a Sweater just in time, and once that was done I turned my attention back to my Julgran sweater. Once it's done I have a baby to knit a wee little sweater for...and since I'm not leaving the house much these days I have a list of upcoming events to make cards for and photo books to get to...might as well use some of the time to be creative!

I just have the next stitches to bind off and then it is folded inward and stitched to create a funnel neckline. The fit of the rest of the sweater is great, hopefully the neckline will work out just as well!

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Still Feeling Festive!!!

I’ve been away from my blog for way too long, mostly because I need to find a faster, more convenient way for posting...I’m giving a mobile method a try to see if it works miracles. 

Currently the house smells like all the smells because I’m cooking three different things at once in an effort to have a freezer full of home cooked meals. I’m pooped from hours of chopping and looking forward to lounging this evening and working on this festive sweater that is working up really fast on Size 8 needles.

Are you working on anything festive?

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Teeny Tiny Tree!

I had to knit a teeny, tiny Christmas tree hat for my Lady Lawyer Lane bestie's sweet little baby boy! He wasn't supposed to be here yet so it was a last minute project added to my to-do list, but it came out SO CUTE! It's so small it really only took a few hours, and the pom-poms were from my kiddie craft stash so I just had to sew them on.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

First Time Boating on the Lake

Oh my gosh! We did it! We rented a pontoon boat and had an amazing (and sometimes scary) day on the lake. Hubby and I both acted as captain during the day, and we spent lots of time anchored and jumping in the water. We took a lunch in our cooler and had drinks and snacks and the company we rented from had life vests and noodles on board. It was a gorgeous day and we were glad to get out there and make sure we could handle boating on our own so when my mom and nephew come to stay with us in a couple of weeks we can take them out too!

Little Man's smile could not have been bigger!

Driving a boat where there are no clear paths or roads is such a weird feeling! And that except for NO WAKE zones there isn't a speed limit! Hubby was a lot happier to open the speed up than I was...I was a very scaredy cat driver! But I'm happy I did it and I look forward to getting better at it!

Monday, May 28, 2018

A Little Germany in the US

We had such a fun time visiting our friends in Georgia. We all drove to the town of Helen, GA, which is a town in the mountains that is completely German-themed. I can get the beer made in the town I lived in in Germany and food that tastes like I closed my eyes and wound up in Frankfurt. Seriously, we could break our stomachs eating the food is so good. 

We've been friends with the parents since before any of the kids were born so they've known each other their whole lives and it's always such a good time getting together with them.

This trip we also did something new...river tubing! It was a great, winding trip down the river with some more wet parts at times.

To thank them for the idea, I came up with this little interactive card with a lady tubing down a river!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mother's Day 2018

If Little Man really wants to make my Mother's Day awesome he takes the time to make my card.  This year he wrote me a letter too and used awesome stickers...I'll cherish these forever!