Saturday, April 2, 2016

Our 1st Geocache!

We went geocaching in our neighborhood for the first time and we loved it! Geocaching is a free activity where people place hidden"treasure" and give coordinates and then you try to find the container that they have hidden. The containers can be small or large and they have small prizes to pick from (you swap out with little things you've brought) and a log to sign and date. It's  a fun way to get outside and it's like searching for buried treasure (only it's not buried)!

Friday, March 25, 2016

A Thank You from Little Man

The son of a friend of mine was going through his things and decided that he wanted to get rid of the shark's teeth he had. My friend thought of Little Man, and on the thank you card he made for her he drew this little shark (with me as his mom he can really get into a theme too!) I love how cute it is!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Spring Is Here!

I cannot stand how much I love these cards from SVG Cuts! I knew I had to make one as soon as I saw the kit...once I downloaded the kit I was a little shocked at the work involved...but I tackled each flower assembly-line style and I think the effort is so worth it! Each flower has either five or three individually cut petals...each is hand colored in the center and then has a brad that holds it together. Such a little piece of spring!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Which One?

So, last summer our neighbors moved and they didn't want their wrought iron deck chairs anymore. They asked if we wanted them and we did, so they are on our deck.  But, they have no cushions. So we really don't use them. You see, the seat part isn't a standard size. I can't just grab some. And, now I'm tired of looking at them and not being able to use them. So I've decided to make some cushions damn it! Jo-Ann Fabrics just had a sale on outdoor fabric (50% off!) and I headed there to pick one that would work with what I had in mind.  The 4 above were the finalists...which one do you think I chose?

Saturday, March 12, 2016

A New Japanese Experience

Many years ago now a friend of mine learned about a traditional Japanese restaurant from a friend of hers who had lived in Japan. The restaurant, Musashi, has great food. My family and I LOVE the ton katsu lunch. It's a breaded and fried pork cutlet that comes with miso soup to start, then the plate itself has the pork, a separate bowl of rice, a salad with an A-MAZING house-made dressing, and a scoop of potato salad. It's probably a good thing it's not close to us or we'd be there all the time. Oh, and the gyoza (dumplings) make Little Man super happy!

This time when we went we sat in the mat room. We took our shoes off and stepped up into the room and then sat on mats...and there was a space for our feet to go so we didn't have to sit Indian-style. We'd never sat in the room before, so it was a neat new experience!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Murano Glass

I haven't shown you our wine set from Murano...from our trip to Italy! We ordered it while we were there and it was customized for us (with the family name and the year) on the bottom of the wine decanter before it was shipped to us. The glasses and decanter are all hand-blown and the gold leaf is hand-painted. 

While we were waiting to take our trip to Italy we had Italian nights once a week where I cooked Italian food and used a few Italian that we have such a nice set we'll have to keep having them!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Vicissitude Progress

The lace pattern on Vicissitude is so beautiful. And I love how the SSKs act as a stitchmarker of sorts making it easy to read the pattern while you're knitting. Right now I'm knitting flat, the project starts in the round and you continue to knit that way until it's time to separate to make armholes...then I'll join again to make the cowl neckline. I try to get one repeat of 8 rows done a day so that I keep making progress!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Preemie Hats Gift

My friend whose little boy is still in the NICU just had a birthday. She didn't want any what I did is I knit up a micropreemie,preemie and newborn hat for a boy and a girl for her to donate to the NICU.  I used a pattern by KnittingDaddy for the little white hats for girls...I love the hearts knit into the fabric. For the boys I just winged it. She thought they were super cute!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Paper Tulips

I just love SVG Cuts box cards. When I saw the latest kit I knew there were several I wanted to make. The first one I tackled were the tulips in a pretty little fenced area.  Each tulip had three pieces that are each shaded with an ink pad and then glued together.

I usually try to make two cards at a time since it wastes paper not to...fortunately I already have two people I want to give them to!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Crafting With Food: Superbowl Style

 We don't usually have a Superbowl get-together but this year the Carolina Panthers were playing and since that's Hubby's favorite team...I asked people over and then had to figure out what to feed them! First we wound up ordering pizza and wings.I'm pretty sure it's not a Superbowl party without those two things! But I also wanted some healthier things. I've been trying to work on my eating and didn't want to completely eat junk food.

I made a veggie platter (and hollowed out a bell pepper to hold the dip).

On Pinterest I found a phenomenal recipe for Philly-cheesesteak stuffed mini peppers. THEY WERE SO GOOD! And easy too! Chopped onions, chopped green peppers some beef and cheese...super simple and they were a big hit. I also made peppers stuffed with rice that had tomato sauce. I topped a few with cheese and then left the rest completely vegan.

One of our guests saw this idea on Pinterest...spinach-artichoke dip in a football shaped bread bowl. And she brought pigs in a blanket too!

I also made these mini Oreo cookie cheesecakes (dyed so they were team colors). And I picked up Carolina Panthers cupcakes and another guest made strawberry cupcakes. 

Our team may have lost, but the party was a success!!!