Saturday, August 13, 2016

Tennis and Pool Fun

How has the summer flown by so fast? I had so many plans for everything I wanted to do with Little Man, and it feels like I only did half of it! We were able to get out today and play some tennis together. And then we headed to the pool to cool off. I took lunch with us and I knit a little too.

I took a photo of my knitting and you can see the shark bag and DPN holder that matches it!

I love this set! It makes working on my Shark Bite socks so fun...and really convenient for carrying around!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Overnight in Charleston

My friend loves the South. And Charleston is as beautiful and Southern as they come! And she had never been! So Hubby and I decided to take her to Charleston for a quick weekend trip. We drove down to Charleston, had lunch, checked-in to our hotel in the historic district and then drove to Magnolia Plantation. We took a tour of the plantation house and the gardens. I thought I'd share some of the best photos with you!

We enjoyed dinner after that, and my friend and I had a night out on the town. The next day highlights? Lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co...see Little Man posing as Forrest Gump?

And then, we introduced her to The Battery.

The waterfront, the homes, the took her breath away, just like it takes mine every time I see it!

It was a great part of the visit.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


I cannot tell you how long it had been since I bowled last. At least 20 years. Well, there's a Dave and Buster's nearby, my friend loves to bowl, and I thought it would be something fun and different that we could all do.

I didn't even think about needing rental shoes...they were a hoot!

I liked how we could order drinks and food right to our made the afternoon so easy.

We all got really into the game!

My husband was the best bowler by far! 

As for me, I just had to roll with it (pun intended)!

Later that day we stopped by my office and my friend and I had a glass of wine at the winery downstairs while Hubby hung some things in my office. We sat in the courtyard and listened to the band that plays on Fridays. Nice and laid back.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Antipasti Welcome

My best friend came into town and I wanted to cook dinner at home but still have something on the table so she wouldn't starve before dinner. Also, I wanted to serve her the yummy Aperol cocktails I learned about in Italy called a "Spritz" and you shouldn't drink on an empty stomach! The traditional recipe has Aperol (a citrus liquor that has a hint of bitterness), prosecco and club soda. So what best to serve with an Italian aperitif? An antipasti plate! We had soppresata (an Italian salami) and prosciutto, along with tomatoes with basil, mozzarella, almonds and pita crackers. So good!

It was a great start to the visit!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Cord Tacos

I've been wanting to make one of these for quite a while. I actually talked about them at one of my knitting meetings and a friend of mine made a ton of them before I could get myself together to make one myself. I wanted one to match my phone case, so I found a cheap little piece of light blue leather on Etsy and when it came I cut out a 4" circle and then set the snap. So easy! And it's so much nicer to have my earbuds neatly packed in my bag instead of the wires getting stuck on everything. And I love the feel of the leather! SO soft! What a great, quick useful project!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

More Matching Fun!

So here's some other fabric I found at Jo-Ann Fabric that called out to me! It has the look of old-fashioned travel stickers! I saw Venice, Rome, Florence, Paris, London and more places we've I thought the fabric would be great for a traveling project bag! Then, I went ahead and made a matching DPN holder too. Yeah, I made another one! 

Then, I thought about the Christmas project bags I made last fall and thought it was such a shame I didn't have matching DPN holders for them. Since I already had out the pattern, the sewing machine, the lining fabrics and the snap press I decided to go for it!

The two DPN holders on the left match my Christmas project bags. I'll be all ready for knitting up some Christmas socks in December!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Finally...Nice Weather for a Photo!

It took me a bit to have nice enough weather for a photo...but here are the seat cushions out on the deck! They're thin enough that they can be put away in the deck box so the squirrels don't eat them, but they're comfy...and the color is a lot more vibrant than it looks here. I loved the YouTube tutorial I came across...I'm thinking in the spring I may make new cushions for the screen porch. The ones that are out there are old, and they're would be nice to make new seat platforms and then get some really cushy foam that you can sink into and just listen to the birds, the windchimes and the fountain. You'll have to check back to see what I come up with!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

I Craft So Hard I Sweat Glitter!

While browsing at Jo-Ann Fabrics with my mom I found this black and glittery fabric that says, "I Craft So Hard I Sweat Glitter." I fell in love with it and knew I wanted to sew up a project bag with it! Then, while I was waiting to checkout, Hubby saw a matching mug!

I spent a weekend morning sipping tea from my mug and making a matching project bag and DPN holder. Know what I really loved about these projects? I already had the red lining fabric and the zipper. I saw them together and they made me think of the peek of red on the bottom of Louboutin shoes. It went well with the fabric and I didn't need to buy anything else...BONUS!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Little Man's Self Portrait

This picture may be one of the cutest things I've seen my son draw. He was so careful to catch the details...he was especially proud he remembered his scar! I don't know how many cute projects there are in our future, I know he's getting what I do see means so much! Didn't he do a great job?!?! 

He did this picture for his school years sweet it will be to look back at it for years to come!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Master Chief Pillow

You never know what kind of weird, crafty request you may get. And when you're a craft chick you never want to let someone down! So, Little Man made a felt pillow in the shape of Master Chief from the video game Halo at school, but he wasn't happy that the stuffing was coming out. He also didn't like that his stitches were so obvious, so he asked me to fix it up. Here is the fixed up's amazing how using matching thread can really keep crooked stitches from being noticeable!