Friday, July 28, 2017

Sock Catch-Up

I never shared these socks all finished!!!

These are the Fright Night Socks, made with leftovers from my Shark Bite socks (Knit Picks yarn). See the bats?

These are the Business Casual sock pattern,knit in Malabrigo sock yarn.

And these I made for my Christmas Eve cast-on socks!!!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Shark Week 2017!

Another year of Shark Week, another shark-themed project to tackle (pun intended). Jimmy Beans Wool had a limited release of the Shark Bait colorway and stitchmarkers and the pattern I'm planning to tackle is by Lara Smoot. She designed the Jaws socks I knit last year as well as the Fright Night socks I made.

Little Man is ready for Shark Week too!!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Where Is Craft Chick?

If you're looking for me this summer, you can probably find me in our screen porch! With our new furniture it is so comfortable to sit and enjoy the sound of the fountain and the air outside...and it's the perfect place to try to catch up on back episodes of the Little Bobbins podcast!

Monday, July 10, 2017

The Secret Garden

When I was many years younger (many, many) my mother gifted me the book 'The Secret Garden'. I LOVE that book! Imagining the beautiful garden, reading as the characters cultivate it and make it beautiful again after years of neglect...and reading how the one character becomes well again by being outside and working in the garden...I really love everything about the story.

So, when Little Skein in the Big Wool had a yarn bowl created just for their shop, I drooled. Then, I overthought it...and missed out. There weren't anymore. The bowls were created by a Spanish ceramics artist and only a limited number had been made, each one a bit different. Ugh, was so disappointed in myself! 

Month after month afterwards I would catch glimpses of one of the bowls in their Instagram feed. And kick myself. And, then, when there were only a few left...I snatched one up when they had another batch come in. 

I must have the most perfect project to christen this is so beautiful.

The outside is has a smooth high gloss white with a single swing hanging over the side...and then, when you look over the's there...a secret garden. So delicate and beautiful.

I couldn't love it more. It's actually sitting on the credenza in our entryway right now. I'm enjoying it as a piece of art, and it brings a smile every time!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Cards To Bring Smiles

I'm not always able to make cards when I want to...but I'm so happy I was able to get these done!

For a friend, just a friendly note to brighten a the detail of the peacock's tail!

And, to thank the people who hosted us, cooked for us...and just did so much to help us have a great visit in Germany...I made thank yous with the shape of Germany...and a little embossing afterward.

Neither card design was very fancy, but I still hope they brightened some days!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Fiber Souvenirs!

When you have serious luggage constraints you can't get too crazy with fiber purchases while you're traveling...but I did manage to bring home some fun yarn!

When we were visiting Muenster I came across a great little yarn shop in the main shopping area downtown. I found the needles I needed quickly and there were baskets of sock yarn ripe for the picking! I picked the two that stood out from the rest and was on my way feeling good that I didn't have everyone waiting too long for me!

During our layover in Iceland I was in for a surprise...yarn at the airport! It was so squishy and beautiful! We hardly had enough time to use the rest room and make it to our next gate, but we stopped at the gift shop when I saw piles of yarn and handknits hanging up...I would have loved a sweater kit, but they didn't have any and I didn't have enough time to figure out how much yarn to buy so like a complete fiber-obsessed maniac I grabbed a cute little hat kit! It has the yarn for the hat and a pattern and I think it will definitely whet my appetite for more Icelandic knitting!

Have you ever seen yarn in an airport to buy?

Monday, July 3, 2017

Our Last German Evening

Once we were back in Germany we only had one evening left before it was time to leave. We were sad when we found out my host mother had gone back to the hospital while we had been away, and had a lot of packing to do, but still were able to barbecue with my host father and his sister that evening.

Little Man was so happy to be able to play with his new pal Paulie again! Here they are playing in the garden below.

My host father's law practice is the ground floor of the building and his sister lives in the apartment above. The apartment has a beautiful terrace that overlooks the city square and the historical church.

I couldn't leave Warstein without having one last Warsteiner beer with my dinner!

The brats were from Lora's butcher shop..they make them right there with their own recipes.

The morning we left we were up early! My host father made breakfast for us one last time and then we were on the road for Frankfurt.

Our flight flew from Frankfurt back to Iceland and during our flight we passed over Greenland!

Saturday, July 1, 2017


The great thing about staying in Noordwijk was that we were less than an hour away from Amsterdam so we were able to go there for a day. I had been there years before with my host family but didn't remember much and was excited to see more of the city.

We drove to a Park and Ride and then took a streetcar into the city.

Above is the main train station.

Not far from the train station we came across a silly photo op outside a souvenir shop.

Amsterdam is famous for its canals and we saw lots of them while we walked around the city.

We even enjoyed lunch sitting by a canal...and I had a Heineken...I figured I should have one where its made!

We quickly saw the Red Light District. Down this alleyway are little closets with windows where women stand/dance around and try to get customers.

In the Red Light District there is a statue called 'Belle' which represents sex-workers around the world.

Little Man was looking forward to a canal-boat ride, and it was a great way to take a break from all the walking we had already done.

After the canal-boat we headed to the Anne Frank House where we took a tour and walked through the museum.

Afterwards we walked our weary selves back to the train station and made our way to the car and back to Noordwijk.  

We enjoyed the view of the sun setting over the water while eating fish and was a great way to end the day!

The next morning after we checked out I took some photos of the famous dunes of Noordwijk Aan Zee.. look how high they are!

I also took a photo of some of the thatched roofs...gorgeous!

Then we stopped at Middyne, which is the bed and breakfast that I stayed at with my host family back in 1994. It used to belong to the aunt of my host father, but after she passed it was sold. It made me sad to see it in disrepair, but I had fun telling Hubby and Little Man about it!

And then, after some photos of windmills on the way out of Noordwijk we were on our way back to Warstein...

...which was good because Little Man was pooped!

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Noordwijk Aan Zee

From Muenster we drove 2.5 hours to the little seaside village of Noordwijk Aan Zee in the Netherlands.

Driving to our bed and breakfast we passed homes on canals with their boats tied up!

Little Man's favorite feature of our room? Stairs!

Our bed and breakfast

Since we were only a block away from the beach we went walking on it almost right away. It was the first time Little Man and Hubby had seen the North Sea.

The lighthouse of Noordwijk Aan Zee.

Both evenings we ate at the same oceanfront restaurant.

The first night Hubby and I had schnitzel.

After dinner we enjoyed walking back to the hotel...look how beautiful the sky and lighthouse were!