Saturday, November 10, 2007

November 10th at Monkey Joe's

Today we went to Monkey Joe's to jump around. Little Man had a great time. We jumped and bounced and slid for 2 1/2 hours. We had pizza and juice, we all went through one of the obstacle courses, and Little Man passed out on the way home.

I LOVE the Finding Nemo inflatable. We had a good time in there! I opted not to post the video of me bouncing around unflatteringly in there.

We joined the Monkey Joe's birthday club so we were able to go for free since Little Man got a coupon for a free visit. Yays all the way around.
After we got home I went to meet with the newly formed Knitting Nuts in Mint Hill. It was their first meeting and my first time going to a knitting meet-up. I met Sandy, Gail, Connie, Michelle, and Aura. I'll post more on the meet-up in a later post.

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Aura said...

What fun, Rose :-) - I missed going to Monkey Joe's while my daughter was here. Caleb loves it. Taite who is 11 months is not quite ready for it. He is stressed by all the activity. Happy Birthday to your Little man. Caleb likes to say things like "I'm wearing my big man shoes." They're so cute at this age.