Thursday, November 15, 2007


Not too much to report on today. I have errands planned for tomorrow, and I tried to go to Target today so that I could pick up a Cars inflatable bed for Little Man for traveling, but they were out, I'll have to try another Target tomorrow. Other than that I was on the phone with the bar association trying to get pro bono work set up for myself, and this evening Hubby and I went to Little Man's school for their Thanksgiving dinner. Little Man inhaled his food, you'd swear he hadn't eaten in a week if you had seen him. He especially loved the green beans, he really does love his vegetables. I didn't get any knitting done tonight, I sat back and watched Grey's Anatomy and ER and didn't try to work on my Pop's scarf, since I learned last week I need to concentrate on it more so I don't make any more mistakes.

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