Friday, February 15, 2008

Two More Projects and a MeMe

It's been a busy week. I take the bus to work and so I've been able to knit. I finished the Seed Stitch Shoes from Baby Knits for Beginners and a hat I came up with myself. The shoes will go into the present stash, and the hat is for charity. Expect to see a whole lot of hats on this blog, I've found patterns for about 10 I would like to do at some point and came up with pattern ideas for 7. I love making the little hats, I can knit up the base from start to finish in about 3 hours, so I can really crank them out, and they are so cute. The ideas I have I'm really excited about too, I'll talk more about them later, I need to work out stitches and decide what ideas are really feasible.

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day, we had a busy but nice one. There were donuts and candy at work, I met a friend for lunch and we had steak for dinner, so I ate way too much yesterday. Little Man enjoyed festivities at school, they almost drove me insane though. I had the cards for weeks, and the envelopes I wound up having to make since the cards didn't come with any. We asked and asked for the list of student names so I could get them done (I also bought the sweetheart candy boxes that needed names put on them). The teacher finally gave us the list Tuesday night. Accompanying the list of names was a letter telling us they would be having a party and the parents needed to supply snacks for it. So it was too late to go snack shopping on Tuesday, so I went Wednesday night and got soaked to the skin by rain and hail. Ugh! My pants were still wet the next morning...probably because my umbrella blew inside out. Last night ended with Hubby and I watching No Reservations with Catherine Zeta-Jones. I liked it, definitely not one for the collection, but it was great for Valentine's Day, a little romance and some great food shots. A little knitting rounded out the night.
And now for something I've never done before, my cyber-pal Sereknitty, has tagged me for a Me Me so here are seven random things you may not know about me!
1. The first movie I ever went to see was E.T.
2. I really do not like wrapping presents, in fact, the majority of the gifts I give inevitably wind up in gift bags.
3. As a teenager I loved painting my fingernails so much that many nights I would paint them to match what I planned to wear the next day. For my English class we had to give an instructional speech and for my topic I spoke about how to have glamorous fingernails.
4. I do not like bananas, although as a child I did.
5. Since 1992 I have been keeping planners since the first time my Pop brought one home for me. I use them as diaries... when I was younger I wrote what I wore everyday, now I plan meals. I also write down our vacation activities for scrapbooking later.
6. I love celebrity gossip, is a particular favorite.
7. I collect books about the Kennedy family.
I would pick 7 people to do this Me Me, but most of the blogs I read have already done it, so if you read this blog and haven't done one before, I tag you! Let me know if you do it by commenting!


Sereknitty said...

Thanks for playing along! It's always fun to get to know a bit more about each other.

Anonymous said...

1.i didnt like nicknames until about two years ago
2.i have a short attention span
3.i have a 36 inch inseam right eye twitches when im nervous or scared
5.i memorize song lyrics as a hobby
6.i make an effort to be more "girly"
7. i fear "growing up"


Aura said...

I would not really remember which was the first movie I saw.