Monday, February 25, 2008

What a Weekend...

This past weekend was a whirlwind. I had outreach training to work with homeless kids for 4.5 hours, ran home to eat and grab my things and headed to Charlotte Purls. We had a stitch-marker making session, I had a fantastic baked potato to eat, I knit a little, I oohed and ahhed over projects, I drooled over yarn, and then I headed home. I finished Jackie O that evening while James and I watched Transformers. Here she is in her Inauguration Ceremony outfit holding her "mink" muff.
On Sunday I spent 5 hours tutoring my friend who takes the bar exam this Tuesday and Wednesday. Then I headed to A.C. Moore to pick up yarn during the 25% off your entire purchase sale. Later after dinner and fun time with Little Man, I finished the Rosebud Wreath Hat.

Today it was back to work, and this evening I made a ball of yarn from a skein using my ballwinder and the new swift Hubby made for me. Oh, it was so much fun, and Hubby was so proud. The skein gets draped around the pegs and the swift spins while holding the yarn for the winder to wind. And when you're done it breaks down so you can easily pt it away. I'll take a video at some point in the near future. Thanks Hubby! And thanks Connie for letting him model mine after yours!

Next weekend we're going to have a laid back weekend, filled with no appointments, and nobody to help. I'm looking forward to it, I think my craft room is too, since I still haven't had the time to get it finished.


Connie said...

Whoo hoo, yippee... hubbie did a fantastic job didn't he? Love the new swift and you friend are most welcome!

Aura said...

Jackie Onassis looks great. You must bring her to the Purls meeting. I won't be at the Knit Nuts. Someday I'd like you to tell me about the Homeless Program in which you are involved.