Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Because I haven't been posting regularly I haven't posted photos of some of my more recent projects. And with everything that's been going on I've been doing a lot of knitting. I knit on the road for both trips to PA, I knit at the hospital, I knit at my parent's house and, since I don't go back to work until later this week, I've been knitting at home between spring cleaning projects. The knitting is partly to keep my sanity and partly to keep me from smoking/drinking/overeating/crying too much. So here's what I've made.

This project is from CRAFT magazine and is a chick that turns
inside out into an egg. I made it for Little Man for Easter.

My own design for a Little Lighthouse Hat.
The little hat for charity has the Cape May Point, Cape Hatteras and
Tybee Island lighthouses.

My design for Lighthouse Potholders for Mom.

Debbie Bliss Set-In Sleeve Sweater for the gift pile.

Ballet Tee for me from Loop-D Loop pattern

Itty Bitty Nursery Cupcake Hat

Free pattern through Ravelry for Mock Cable Hat to go to charity

My design for the Little Cherry Blossom hat to go to charity.

My design for a Little Fishie Hat for charity
Debbie Bliss' Raglan Cardigan for the gift pile
And Hubby took on a project of his own...putting up Little Man's new playset.

Little man has already had a ton of fun in and on it. We've sat underneath, at the picnic table, up in the clubhouse, on the porch. We've swung, he's climbed, he's slid. I think he's going to have lots of years of fun on it. It's been good to watch him playing, it takes our minds off of other things, keeps me from wallowing too much, which is hard these days.
So, to take my mind off things if only for a minute here and there, I have started the Hemlock throw for the Charlotte Purls KAL. Stacey taught me how to Magic Loop (a special way to knit in the round with circular needles instead of DPNs), and I started strong. Luckily I also used a lifeline for the first time (a lifeline is a separate string of yarn that is run through stitches while they are on the needle and left in so if a mistake is made you cannot fix you can unravel to the lifeline without dropping any stitches), because I messed up, and I fixed it, then I messed up again. Now I sit in complete silence as I knit the complex rows. I can't let any outside thoughts in or I'll miss count. Maybe just maybe I'll finish it by May 31st for the Purls gathering when we'll all show our finished projects. I haven't participated in one of their KALs before so I look forward to it.


Knit & Purl Mama said...

That's quite the playset!

I need to get something for our backyard. :)

Looks like he's enjoying it.

Anonymous said...

you and hubby sure have been busy! Some little ones will look adorable in the hats you designed. Little Man has a great place to burn off his energy too!

Connie said...

You are very talented when it comes to designing those cute baby hats.. I love them all!

You have been a busy knitter...everything looks FAB!