Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend 2008

Our Memorial Day Weekend started out on Friday when we left for Marietta, GA, to visit our friends. When we left the weather was cool and sunny. We were 30 minutes away from their house, and then the sky opened up and sheets of rain, and then hail pounded our car. The roads started flooding in areas, cars were pulling over left and right, and though we stopped to use the rest room and Little Man was scared and wanted me to hold his hand, we persevered...and made it there. Although we had to wring ourselves out once we got there. As is the order of the day whenever we visit, the kids play, play and play some more. Since we missed their joint birthday party in April, we came bearing gifts that quickly saw action. For K, their little girl who just turned 3, we picked out a medical kit. For R, who just turned 2, we picked up Elefun. All the kids had fun trying to catch the butterflies that shoot out of the elephant's trunk with the nets. We also enjoyed some cooking by B, grilling by R, and a cherry cobbler that B baked up for us. Did I mention we always eat a lot when we get together too?

The next morning after playing some more and enjoying omelettes and biscuits courtesy of Rob, the men and boys headed to Monkey Joe's while the ladies headed to K's gymnastics class. Those little girls tumbled, and jumped and got a good workout in.

After class we all met back up, the kids ate lunch and went down for their naps, and then B and I headed to lunch, Barnes and Noble, and Pier 1. The rest of the day we spent playing at the playground, eating at IHop, watching movies, playing with the kids' Escalade, and just having some fun.

On Sunday we ate breakfast, played, and visited Trader Joe's (I hadn't been there before). This particular store had a sign outside that told kids to try to find a hidden chicken for a prize. Well, hidden with the eggs, Little Man found the stuffed chicken. After checking out (where the kids got balloons), we headed to the Customer Service desk where they let him pick a prize (a juice box), and announced his name over the loudspeaker system. Then all the cashiers rang bells. It was a lot of fun. And then we hid the chicken back in the store. After that we went to McDonald's and then to a great playground where the kids ran around.

We left for home after getting back to their house and packing the car. Hubby drove for a while and then I took over since he's been sick off and on all weekend. We ate at Shoney's for dinner and got home around 9PM. We all fell into bed shortly after that.

Today Little Man and I headed to the Y to get in some pool time. The water was pretty cool, but Little Man did great reaching and pulling and kicking his legs. And he loved going down the smaller waterslides. They had hot dogs and Capri Suns for Memorial Day so we ate lunch there, and then we headed home. Strawberry Shortcake finished off today (just like the Pokey Little Puppy eats Little Man pointed out), and tomorrow it's back to work and school for all of us. Hopefully Hubby will feel better and Little Man and I won't wind up with whatever cold he has right now. Because we have a busy week ahead. Friday evening I'm having some friends over for a Sex and the City get-together, and on Saturday is the Stitch N Pitch with the Charlotte Purls. I'm excited for Little Man to go to his first baseball game. Oh, and somewhere in there I have to get to see the Sex and the City movie. We'll see how it all works out.

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