Sunday, March 8, 2009

Zero to Sixty in 24 Hours

This past week was REALLY interesting...and not always in a good way, but it ended with a bang! The snow day threw off my hours for the week, and while I thought I would be able to make them up, my body had other ideas. Chest pain, a tingling arm and numbness in my fingers sent me to the emergency room early Friday morning. I sat afraid of what was wrong until an EKG, chest x-ray, blood tests and a stress test followed, all while my chest continued to hurt, and at the end of several hours I left with a clean bill of health for my heart, but no diagnosis.

Knowing I wasn't having a heart attack or had a blood clot helped at least ease my anxiety though and I went to work for a few hours before coming home to pack for a short beach trip.

We woke up Saturday morning and had the car packed and were headed to the beach by 8 AM. [It helped that Little Man had packed his backpack with all of his toys that he wanted to take about three days earlier, and every night he would take his pillow out to sleep on and then stuff it back into the bag in the morning so he wouldn't forget it.]

We stopped for a McDonald's breakfast and made it to our first destination by 12:30 PM. See, we had a very specific reason for heading to the beach (other than the fact that the weather was GORGEOUS). We went to look at a travel trailer to keep at the beach at the resort we love so much, and WE BOUGHT ONE! We had talked about getting one last year but didn't see anything we liked that was also financially feasible, so we hadn't looked for a while. And when we rang in the New Year we started looking again, just in case we came across a real deal. I made it my mission this year to make positive things happen in my life if possible instead of waiting for them to happen. I've started taking the steps necessary to practice law on my own (more on that later), and now, we've taken a leap to accomplish our dream of having a place at the beach.
Our new place is lightly used, 39' long, in great condition, we were able to buy it without having to finance, and, we now have a place to stay anytime we want to go to the beach. It has a great kitchen and bathroom, lots of storage space and 2 bedrooms...and while it is a big leap, we couldn't be happier with it.

After taking care of the paperwork and taking photos, we enjoyed a leisurely lunch there at Ocean Lakes, drove around a little, and then headed to the hotel. (We decided not to rent a house at Ocean Lakes since we were only staying one night). We stayed at the Sea Crest Resort
and after getting settled we quickly changed so we could walk on the beach. Little Man collected seashells for a class project we need to work on this week, and we enjoyed the smell of the sea air before heading indoors for Hubby and Little Man to enjoy the lazy river and hot tub (I'm still having painful pressure in my chest so I didn't jump in with them).

That evening after getting cleaned up we relaxed in the room before heading out for a late dinner at the Giant Crab. Then we headed back to the room stuffed and listened to the waves before watching The Little Mermaid and turning in. We woke up this morning, checked out, had a great breakfast and headed for home. And this time, when we were getting ready to leave I didn't have the sad feeling I usually have when we leave the beach. Because I know we'll be going back the last weekend of March for our first stay in our new beach spot, and I know that we'll be going to the beach a lot more often, and so that wistful feeling was gone, all that was there was an excitement for all of the new memories we're going to be able to create!


Anonymous said...

Holy crap! That is one bitchen beach spot..Congrats!Lemme know when is good to come visit :) I hope that you have some resolution on the chest pain you!


Sinéad said...

Wow, you must have been scared when your chest hurt, I hope everything is ok now.
Congratulations on your beach house! It's just gorgeous. I see many happy holidays ahead of you. Is it near enough that you can go every weekend if you want? I'd be in the car 5 minutes after work finished every Friday!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a fun thought...your very own beach house. There are many good trips ahead and many memories to make. Gees...only 10 years till I retire..uuummm...pencil me in! Thank you for sharing. I hope the chest pain issue gets resolved soon. Keep in touch! Love,as always, Mom

Virtuous said...

Glad you are doing fine!

Anonymous said...

Just one more had your camera with you in the ER? WOW! Love, Mom

Connie said...

I had chest pain like that which also took me to the emergency room about 4 years ago when my dad was dying of cancer in the hospital. It was nothing but STRESS! I am glad yours wasn't anything serious.

Love your beach house! Now why did you stay in a hotel when you had that? Different location?