Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Feeling the burn..

I felt the burn this past weekend alright. We left Friday for a long weekend at the beach spot, and the weather was GORGEOUS! We spent a few hours at the beach taking in the sun, and the cool breeze disguised just how much the sun was beating on me. I felt comfortable the whole time. And then we had a great time in the indoor pool where the water was perfect. Later, I felt itchy and thought for sure I had been bitten by an insect all over...nope... it was mild sunburn...thank goodness I put sunblock on Little Man!
Little Man got crafty right before the trip with Mommy and designed these pirate crocs for the beach and the pool. It was his idea to only put one snapitz on his right shoe.
We had an even better view this trip, we couldn't keep from looking at it.

Little Man loved running around. We also played Frisbee and horseshoes.

And we ate lunch outside at our picnic table...oceanview dining!

We stayed close to everything this trip, so a golf cart wasn't necessary, but here are a bunch parked near the beach.

When we got back I got busy on the second head-size ball of yarn for my Beach Spot afghan. There are 4 skeins wound together that are then knit together with size 50 needles. The afghan was supposed to only take 6 hours, but it took me 10-11 hours, the needles were awkward to use.

But wow, did the afghan come out comfy. (I used Homespun yarn). My yoga mat bag is coming along well too. I'm finished with the bag portion, and I have the strap to finish and the cord to make.

Now I'm off to pack for my trip tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I SO enjoyed the video of Little Man at the ocean..jealous I am! I could also see the sun color on your face...while you were holding the giant ball of yarn. Thanks for sharing, and, have a great trip.
Love, Mom

Sinéad said...

Wow am I jealous! The weather looked fantastic at your beach house! I bet you had a blast. Love your afghan, it looks really snuggly!

Connie said...

Loved the little video and hearing the sound of the ocean. Wow what a ball of yarn and I agree large needles are hard to work with.