Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Visit

Last week we headed North to visit my Mom, my brother and my nephew. We drove most of the day Thursday and enjoyed the scenery in the mountains, and made it to Mom's house for dinner. Then on Friday, we celebrated Hubby's birthday with chicken divan and carrot cake (plus presents of course).

I'm telling you, those two little boys wear you out just looking at them. They're both little balls of energy, and they LOVE playing together. Hide and seek, cars, dancing, blocks, paper airplanes, name it, and they probably did it over the course of the weekend.
And they both LOVED the card I picked out for Hubby for his birthday!


Don't try to guess how old Hubby is from how many candles we used...the number was picked for looks alone!
Saturday we did a little bit of shopping, visited with some family friends who stopped by, and ate some pizza (and leftover cake, yum). Oh, and Lent ended, so you know I went out and grabbed the yarn I need to finish the little sweater I talked about last post (although I have other things to finish first now).
And then, Sunday was Easter and Little Man found eggs and loved looking at what the Easter Bunny left for him.

And my brother and nephew came looking all coordinated and handsome for the holiday...

...and Mom taught the boys how to peel hard-boiled eggs.

And since egg salad isn't as popular as other salads around Mom's house, I made deviled eggs...

And then my brother dropped the container on the floor, without the lid on...

...and he quickly slopped them back into the container, with them looking like this mess. And later while we had stepped out to go to the memorial garden, Hubby ate one...and when I asked him what he thought of it later (him not knowing where they had been) he didn't comment on what a mess they were...he said he thought they were runny. hmph...

Later the boys enjoyed more time together, sitting and putting puzzles together. We left Monday morning for home, and made good time. This weekend we'll go to the beach, next week I go to Vegas, and the week after that I'll be back in PA for 2 1/2 weeks to be with Mom...because she's getting a bionic hip! No seriously, she's going to have her hip replaced and won't be able to get around or drive so I'll be up there for a while. The City of Charlotte won't know how to act without my silly self here for so long.


Anonymous said...

boy, those eggs sure were a made me laugh all over again seeing the picture. Yes, the boys are alot of fun,and, the visit was much enjoyed! Love,Mom

Sinéad said...

My you had a busy Easter! Glad you enjoyed it. Can't wait to see the yarn you bought after Lent!