Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 2!

WOW, time is flying by and I want to finish sharing photos from Vegas. I'm going to only briefly describe what we did so I can catch up with my posts.

But, before I continue with Day 2 of the Vegas trip, I forgot to tell you about our elevator experience first thing when we were checking in to the Luxor. As a guest you have to use your room key in a slot in the elevator in order to access guest room floors. So there are Tenasha and I and all of our luggage going to the 30th floor and I stick my key card in, and nothing happens when I pull it out. So I do it again and must have left it in too long...because the elevator went pitch black. SO there we were, laughing through our fear, while Tenasha pulled her cell phone out to use as a pseudo-flashlight so we could figure out how to get the lights to come back on. Then, when it finally starts moving, it was shaking really bad, which we later found out is normal because the elevator doesn't move straight up and down apparently, it moves diagonally. NERVE-RACKING!

Anyway, Day 2 started pretty early. I woke up at 5 AM and called Hubby on his cellphone so I could talk to Little Man before he went to school (remember there was a 3-hour time difference). After that Tenasha and I wound up talking all over again, and then we threw on clothes and went downstairs for coffee and breakfast at Starbucks (Tenasha has a large coffee drink from there everyday). Then we went back to our room to eat, and plan our day. First, we went to the spa to book an appointment for the next day. I signed up for the gambling club (for perks), and we played at the Luxor for a while. Then we went through Excalibur to go to New York, New York.

We walked around a little bit and then stopped for lunch at this great delicatessen called Greenberg and Sons. Tenasha loves their pastrami on rye. The portions were colossal, and wow, the sandwiches were AWESOME! After you get your food, you sit at the tables on the "sidewalk" and enjoy the sights and sounds.

Here I am eating my New-York-style deli sandwich (roast beef on asiago panini).

Tenasha loves hamming it up for the camera, and quickly rubbed off on me.
After eating lunch we played more video poker and had some drinks. Then we walked around for a while before going to dinner at Bayside Buffet at Mandalay Bay. The seafood here is phenomenal. Jumbo-peeled-cocktail shrimp ready to pop in your mouth and mounds of crablegs...we were in heaven (they also have the old buffet standards such as prime rib, fried chicken, etc.) We also enjoyed drinks on the house due to an error the cashier made. After having our fill of seafood we also enjoyed the miniature cheesecakes, etc. at the dessert bar.
Then we headed back to the room to get ready to go out for the night.

Tenasha with her first cosmopolitan.

What followed was a crazy fun night of drinks, dancing, laughing, more dancing, more drinks, and lots more laughs (and hamming for Tenasha's camera). We hit the sack the next day at 4 AM...the rest of the story stays in Vegas ;)

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Sinéad said...

You look like you two had a blast!