Thursday, July 2, 2009

Water Fun...

It's been pretty hot down here, and we've been fortunate to be able to enjoy our YMCA membership to keep cool. Little Man has been taking his weekly swim lessons and has been making great progress! But no matter how great he gets, jumping in and making a splash is still his favorite thing!

And this past weekend, I headed out in the 95 degree heat to the US National Whitewater Center.

A few of my attorney friends and I went and tried whitewater rafting for the first time! It was so exhilarating! The hardest part was getting that heavy raft out of the water five times. What a workout! What a ride!

That's me second in from the left!
After getting soaked and chugging down water to make up for the sun pelting us, we ate a late lunch while we watched zipliners going down the zipline. And was our turn! We headed over to the Mega Zipline and waited in line 45 minutes. The sun was brutal! And then we got into our gear...two harnesses and a helmet. We climbed the stairs of the 50 ft. tower to the top, and my legs were shaking so bad, I didn't think I'd make it. But I DID! And it was AWESOME! 35 MPH for 1, 123 ft. over the rapids and rafters a sudden stop! My friends and I laughed and just felt amazing that we had the opportunity!

I've also been knitting too, and I'll post some pictures in the next few days of my finished February Lady Sweater


Sinéad said...

Wow! You're very brave, there's no way you would have got me on a zipline! and whitewater rafting? Total daredevil stuff. It's a great picture!

Anonymous said...

you always have neat stuff to share! Stay cool. Glad to see Little Man gets to enjoy the summer weather! Love, Mom