Monday, August 10, 2009

New Big Boy Bed

I could wait to post until I take a photo of my library prize, but instead I thought I'd just go ahead and do a post on Little Man's new big boy bed.

We'd noticed that Little Man was starting to get a little cramped in his toddler bed, so when we saw a sale at a furniture store we had browsed in before, it seemed like a good time to upgrade. We still need to get him a larger bookcase...but his new bed and fishie tank have made quite an impression on him.
The night before his new bed would be delivered, I tiptoed into his room and took photos of him sleeping in his toddler bed. It was sad for me when Hubby took it down the next morning...Little Man has slept in that crib/toddler bed since he first came home from the hospital. Little Man did ask about his "baby bed" when he came home, and was sad he couldn't sleep in it anymore, but REALLY loved his new big boy bed.
His new bed is a twin, and it came with a frame for a full size bed down below, the chest on one side, a desk that can be attached, and stairs to get up to the top bunk. Each of the steps has a drawer in it.

It worked out well that the magnet areas of his wall, where the felt fish are, is still accessible.

And he wanted some fishies of his own, so we pulled out an old aquarium and set it up in his room.

It should be interesting getting him up to use the potty this week with Hubby away (it gets a little tricky since he's up high). As a treat for all of us before a hectic week, we used the ice cream maker for the first time last night. We made strawberry ice cream. It was so decadent! I can't wait to make some more! Little Man had fun helping. And Hubby said it was MUCH easier than using the old-fashioned crank kind. It was done in 15 minutes!

Until next time, have a great week!


Sinéad said...

That is a seriously cool bed, I bet he loves it!
I've always wanted an ice-cream maker and the colour of that strawberry ice cream is just yum! mmm.

Anonymous said...

I can hardly believe how fast my Grandson is growing! The new bed is REALLY cool..and the fishies too. Love,as always, Grandma North

Connie said...

My Justin had a set up like that for about 4 years when he was small, he loved it. He loved to play under the bed...LOL Your son will get many years of play and good sleeping with that nice set up!