Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pictures to hold you over...

Well, I've got my full-time job that's keeping me busy and I've got 8 clients on top of that...together they are both keeping me running. I'm just getting over the flu, and I've got a continuing legal education seminar this week taking me away from Hubby and Little Man, and so I wanted to share some more photos before I head off to Chapel Hill.

The boys waiting to "pet" stingrays.

Touching a horseshoe crab

Nasty, greedy carp at the amusement park.

I've still got some cute photos of the boys, so I hope you haven't gotten your fill yet! And I really hope to post some project photos when I get back. I've only finished one project recently, the others have taken forever what with them being more involved and me having less knitting time.

And, before I finish off this post, Patrick Swayze passed away today, let's send good thoughts to his family.


Sinéad said...

Lovely photos! Trips to the Aquarium are always fun, although you wouldn't catch me petting any kind of crab. No sir. Total phobia stuff.
Glad to hear you're busy with work, hope it all goes well for you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these great photos! Looks like a good time was has by all..and a good learning experience for the boys too.
Sad to hear about Patrick Swayze..he was such a vibrant star and I will always remember Road House and Dirty Dancing. Yes..good thoughts to his family at this difficult time for them.
Grandma North