Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Beauty and a Bit of Brawn

We have enjoyed a beautiful spring here in the South.  It was wonderful watching the new neighborhood bloom since it was the first time we were able to see all of the flowers and the trees bloom for spring.

The neighborhood also afforded us another opportunity...to race! I ran a 5k, and Little Man and Hubby ran the family fun 1 miler.  It was brutally hot the day of the run, but we had a great time!

Can you see Hubby and Little Man waiting for the gun to start the race?

Little Man and Hubby didn't get any loot since their race was free, but I got this running shirt and some freebies.

I had a big race in my future at this point...but before that we went to an art show at Little Man's school.  It was so well-organized! I was blown-away by how beautifully the art was displayed! Each child had at least one project on display.  There were two different lighthouse themed project displays, and I HAD to take photos as I thought my Mom would like to see.  There were clay lighthouses with baby food containers at the top where the light would be.  And there were also drawn lighthouses.  Isn't it so fascinating to see how each of these children brought their own individuality to their projects? They are so alike, yet different enough to be distinguishable...like a little glimpse into their creative minds....I loved the show!

What a beyond crazy spring we have had. I can't wait to share more with you!


Anonymous said...

I love the fact that other people see the beauty of lighthouses! Thanks for sharing the picture of the gorgeous tree too!

Sinéad said...

Well done to all of you on running the race!
I thought of the gorgeous card you made your Mom straight away when I saw the lighthouses. They're fab! Well done to all the kids concerned, the school put on a lovely display.
And I'm not jealous of your weather. Not at all. I'm much happier here where it's cold and pouring rain :(