Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Baby Denim Progress

Have you ever seen one of those projects that is SOOO cute you just have to make it figuring you'll figure out who to give it to later? Well, that's how I felt the first time I saw the Knitty pattern Blu.  Yes, I spelled that correctly.  Baby jeans knit with denim yarn by Rowan that fades like real jeans! Oh the cuteness!  I'm waiting for an old co-worker of mine to be ready to cast-on a project that we thought we'd knit together as a sort-of mini-KAL, and thought I'd work on these until she's finished.  Above is the first half.  I'm making the 12-24 month size...they have the waist band turns knit in where eventually elastic will go.  Apparently the yarn shrinks in hot water (purposely) so you knit them longer than needed.  I was also warned that the dark blue yarn in the colorway Indigo would rub off on my hands...but was still surprised when it did....they were a lot worse on one of my previous evenings of knitting!  I have another piece just like the one above to knit and then the rest is finishing.  One tricky technique? Dropping all the stitches below stitch 30 and then picking them all back up again alternating one stitch then two and so on to create a faux seam...I almost had heart palpitations that I'd mess up and have to start from the beginning!


Stacey said...

Yep I totally forgot how that yarn bleeds. After a couple of washes it IS just like jeans and will not do that :)

Anonymous said...

too cute!