Monday, May 12, 2014

A Sweet Spring Card

While I knit away on Little Man's sweater (I just started the striped portion on the 2nd sleeve) I thought I'd show you the sweet little strawberry basket box card I made my mother for Mother's Day.  I love SVGCuts, and when I got their email with a set of box cards, and saw the strawberry card I immediately thought of my Mom, and a great memory from last year when she and I went with the grandkids to pick strawberries...and then we made yummy jam.  Little Man looked over my shoulder and actually said I should make it for Grandma...because he's looking forward to hopefully pick strawberries again (or at least enjoy some strawberry jam)!

I sat down with my cutter and fed different colors through the machine until I had all of the pieces cut:

I used my handy sticker maker to feed the tiny pieces through so they'd have adhesive (I thought I'd give it a try since glue can get messy when the pieces are so little).

After folding and gluing, the cute little card was complete...the best part? It folds flat to mail!  I may need to come up with an excuse to make the super cute castle card ;)

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