Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mary Poppins Goodies

If I had ever shared photos from our amazing first trip to Disneyworld you'd know that we met Mary Poppins in like our first 10 minutes there and were completely cheesing it up in the photos we took with her.  My sister Doozer and I had both agreed that the only character we HAD to meet was her!

I love Mary Poppins (maybe even more after seeing Saving Mr. Banks and learning there was more to the story than fun songs) and so when I saw that Little Skein in the Big Wool was doing theme knitting accessories and would have Mary Poppins, well...I was just one of many knitters who was stalking her page until she uploaded the goodies to purchase.  I didn't score a bag ready-to-ship so I waited for a few weeks to receive one that I was able to pre-order.  Yes, it's that serious folks, it's a fight to get some of her fantastic items!

When my package arrived (after I stalked the US Postal Service tracking site all day to see when it was delivered) I found the above items inside.  The bag is called "Practically Perfect" and I love the little shop touches.

The print is super cute.  The bag is flat here so you can see Mary flying over the London skyline with Bert cleaning a chimney.  Too fun!

The loops and drawstring are all well-done and sturdy and the bottom of the bag is made with a heavyweight canvas.

The inside of the bag is lined with a teabag print fabric...too perfect!

In the other included package were the stitch markers I had ordered.

Little Skein ships her stitch markers in 1 of 3 ways.  You can order them on a card backing with a coupon attached for a future order, or in a little tin, or, my these teeny-tiny glass vials.  Love them!

I got two different Mary Poppins looks to use.  Now, to figure out a "practically perfect" project to make while using my new project bag and stitch markers!

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