Monday, September 1, 2014

Shark Week!

 I'm a fiend for Shark Week! Every year for a week the Discovery Channel has all new shark-themed programming focused entirely on sharks.  My family and I love learning about sharks...and you may remember I love a a few years ago when I saw this pattern for socks called Shark Week...I knew I would have to knit them.  But unfortunately the pattern wasn't available for purchase.  As part of a club the designer posted that the pattern would be available in 2013...and then when it did become available (only as a kit) it was only if you could make it to a Northern fiber festival.  And then... the week before Shark Week...I received an email from the designer's mailing list.  At high noon, she would open up a flash sale of a limited number of kits that were available for purchase and would be mailed in time to start knitting for Shark Week.  It was a dream come true!!!  I set the alarm on my phone and was ready exactly at noon to snatch up a kit.  After some technical glitches I scored my very own Shark Week sock kit. (All the kits sold out in less than an hour) YES!!!

My huge pattern booklet, custom yarn dyed just for this kit, and misc other required items arrived in a package with everything bundled in a net-like bag.  

While at the beach...while watching Shark Week and Jaws I started them..over and over again.  This pattern is unlike any I've ever encountered.  I had to restart 4 times and get help from kind knitters on Ravelry in order to make it past this section...

to get to this section...

for every section I hold my breath hoping I get it right and don't run into any more issues.

but every night I've tried to knit a little further.

And while the fit isn't perfect

Sock #1 definitely is looking like a sock! Wish me luck!

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