Sunday, January 11, 2015

Had Myself a Crafty Little Christmas

My very crafty Christmas started with fun crafty goodies from my knitting friends.

My friend Connie (aka ObiKnitKenobi aka Conicuts) made these precious angel earrings....FROM PAPER!!! That's right, their little bodies are made from paper beads she MADE!  Too cute!

Another knitting friend, Cindy, had little snowflake stitch markers and packets of detergent for washing knits for us.

And then...on Christmas...

My Mom got me a craft store gift card (doesn't get much cooler than deciding what I want and not feeling guilty because it's a gift!) And I got a new blade and mat for my Silhouette cutter.

And this super-awesome envelope punch board! (Can't wait for me to show it in action? Check out this video)

I got this Martha Stewart punch and ALL of the kids (including this big kid) had fun making wreath and tree embellishments on cards and pictures.  It was super easy to punch a bunch of branches quickly too! 

And, I got this bead maker that I have some fun ideas for...look forward to (hopefully) showing off some successful projects made with paper beads.

I could have sat and played with my new crafty toys all day!  ;)

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Connie Haney said...

I'm so late in reading this post, but I'm glad you like your angel earrings. I love my little Christmas light stitch markers! Let me know what you think of that paper bead roller you got.😊