Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Intimidator

 Little Man had a biography project where he had to write about a famous North Carolinian. He chose 3 and then was given one of his options...he wound up with Dale Earnhardt Sr...'The Intimidator'. We learned a lot about Dale while he researched his paper. Then we had to do a vision board in the shape of something representative of the person. We did a race track. We had to have so many facts on it, and at least 2 photos. Well, his crafty Mom cracked open the card stock and he wrote the facts on cars I helped him cut out. Stencils for the poster lettering helped it look neat. Then he practiced and practiced all his facts for the 'Living Wax Museum'. The kids had 'buttons' to press to activate them (see the star shape in the lower right-hand corner) and once pressed they recited facts about their person. You can't see it to clearly, but Little Man even has a mustache!

The kids were really creative, and it was a great way to learn more about famous North Carolinians (and prove the craft room's worth!)

This display was for the Wright Brothers...one of Little Man's favorite displays from the other kids.

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