Saturday, May 23, 2015

Julie and Julia Theme Cooking Class

By now you know I love a theme...and since I also enjoy cooking, and the movie Julie and Julia, I couldn't resist a Julie and Julia-themed cooking class at Whole Foods!

The class size was very small with only 12 students and 2 instructors.  There were also 4 volunteers who did all the clean-up and poured wine for us throughout the class.

By far the trickiest item we made were the artichokes with hollandaise sauce.  Preparing the artichokes was very labor intensive. First they were cut, peeled, the core was dug out so all the sharp fibers were removed, then they were boiled and then thrown on the grill.  To me, the bruschetta with a super fresh tomato topping was such a quicker, more enjoyable prep time...and I would have eaten more of it if more courses weren't to follow!

All the students were able to take turns with the prep tasks.

I loved the Le Creuset kitchenware...the blue especially! And I loved the "salt pig" to keep salt for cooking close at hand.

We made the chocolate cream pie first so it would have enough time to set...then we placed the lyonnaise potatoes in the oven and followed that with making the appetizers.  Then, after the appetizers we made the sole meuniere and ate that with the potatoes.

And we ended the class with the SO delicious chocolate cream pie.  We left with full stomachs, more kitchen knowledge, and recipes for everything we made...what a great evening of learning!

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