Thursday, July 9, 2015

Shark Week 2015

Ugh, Shark Week was early this year and though I tried to finally finish my Shark Week socks I ran into a snag and didn't quite make it, though I was able to get really close before the week ended.

Little Man has really gotten into watching the specials with me the last 2 years, and it's fun to not watch by myself.  He really loved cozying up to the shark I found at IKEA that I HAD to have!

I realized 2 weeks before Shark Week, while I was making amazing progress...that I DID NOT HAVE ENOUGH YARN!!!!! ARGH! The yarn was custom-dyed for the kits, the designer (and keeper of the kits) had just tragically passed away, and there was no solution in sight.  Until I went onto Ravelry and posted a pitiful call for help. A beautiful knitting soul said she had also ran out of yarn previously and had contacted the designer and was sent a whole she would have yarn to send but wasn't finished yet to send it. A week later I received a sizable amount of yarn and was off again. I had put the socks down for months because of being frustrated, but now, with a deadline in sight I pushed forward.  I learned how to do a provisional cast-on, and knit-on!

I even dared to break them out during a knitting get-together!

Stay tuned to see if they turned out the way they were supposed to!

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