Saturday, September 19, 2015

Crafting Yummies with Apples

When you come home with bushels of apples from an orchard you better have an idea of what you're going to make with all the apples. I have a favorite apple-pie smoothie that I make (it sounds fattening, but it's not..Greek yogurt, a couple of almonds, cinnamon and spinach along with some apples are a great start to the day) and I knew there would be PIE...and I decided to make some yummy applesauce too. The smell of the pies and the applesauce was AMAZING.

Personally I like apple pie with crumb topping..all that cinnamon crumb goodness is just begging for some vanilla ice cream if you ask me! I made two pies....we ate one right away!

Then, I made applesauce with Asian pears.  I had Little Man and his friend use the apple corer/ slicer to get all the apples ready. They had a blast obliterating those apples. One had a tiny worm in it and that completely had them cracking up. Then I had them simmer on the stove with plenty of was such a homey smell.

You've got to have a plan if you're going to bring home so many apples! Crafting some amazing treats is your best bet!

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