Saturday, October 3, 2015

2 Crafts in One Post!

I've had some gorgeous Noro sock yarn sitting in the craft room for ages and decided it would look better on my feet than in a I went to one of my favorite patterns the Ripple Sockie and knit up these super colorful and comfy slippers.

Meanwhile, I was looking for the perfect sewing pattern to make a Christmas sock project bag. I found an online tutorial here and followed the directions exactly.  I loved the little bags (especially the 2nd which came out perfect, the top one was first and I made a few tweaks to get better results the 2nd time)....but they were too little for what I wanted them for (no way was a ball of yarn fitting in them), I know later I'm going to try again to get the size I'm looking for! But, aren't these little bags just the cutest? And, it was my first time sewing in zippers with my sewing machine!

I have some exciting things to share coming up, can't wait to share!

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