Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Huge Adventure Begins...

We've been waiting for this trip for months! It took 3 planes and over 24 hours to reach our destination (we had some LONG layovers) and we were dog tired by the time we got there...but man...we were so excited to actually be going it barely mattered!

We left home the morning of Friday, October 16th for our flight to NYC. We landed at JFK and had a seriously long layover. We tried to make the best of it by eating lunch and having Little Man do some of the schoolwork he needed to do while we were away. We worked with the school to have his absence excused as an educational opportunity, so he had a project to do and work as well while we were gone. He was super excited so it was hard for him to concentrate, but we got some work done and the hours passed.

Then it was time for us to board our overnight flight on Turkish Airlines to Istanbul, Turkey where we would have another layover before the last flight of our trip. The flights start with a warm cloth and a Turkish delight...and the rest of the food service was excellent, we certainly didn't go hungry! I even tried their Turkish wines which were delicious while watching movies and passing the time.  Hubby and I weren't able to sleep at all which stank...but at least we had good movies to watch!

Little Man didn't have a problem catching some shut-eye! 

None of us were impressed with the airport in Istanbul, it was really a depressing experience...but we tried to stay positive knowing we were not far from our final destination! We didn't eat there because there were hardly any food choices. The personnel weren't very nice either and it was pretty dirty in areas....but it would all be worth it in the end!

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