Friday, November 6, 2015

Italy Day 5:Pisa, a Tasting and Venice!

With every city we visited we were sad to go...and excited for what was next! We were on the road all day basically on Day 5. We saw the countryside and Tuscany as we drove and stopped twice along the way from Florence to Venice. Our first stop was in Pisa. We got off the bus in a parking lot and took a little mini train to the main square where we were able to see the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. Outside of the square there are tons of souvenir booths where we were able to get souvenirs, and we had fun posing for those touristy photos that make it look like you're trying to hold the tower up. Our tour manager Simone had given us a hint that made it easier...the photographer doesn't have the person move to get it right, the photographer moves around until they get the perfect shot.

Aren't they fun photos?!?!

After Pisa we were back on the bus again. We stopped next at an olive orchard and vineyard. We saw the olive trees and grapevines...and then had a wine tasting and lunch feast!

After lunch we took some group photos and then we were back on the bus bound for Venice!

It was already dark when we made it to Venice. The bus dropped us off and our luggage was taken by boat to the hotel. We took a light rail train and then walked the last bit of the way to our hotel. The first canal we saw seemed almost fake it looked so perfect.  It looked like it could have been on a movie set or at Disney World! We arrived at the hotel and checked in. Our hotel in Venice was the Hotel Papadopoli. We situated our luggage and then decided to eat at the hotel restaurant with two women from our group (we were so tired we didn't want to have to walk around looking for food).

A Murano glass chandelier in the restaurant

Marinated sardines are a Venetian food we tried...they had a sweet and sour taste to them

One of our fellow travelers had a seafood pasta

Another went with fillet

I had gnocchi with a ragout

Hubby had creme brulee for dessert

Little Man had by now become addicted to tiramisu

And me? I quickly became addicted to this view from our hotel window!

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