Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Day Crafting

 After the presents are unwrapped, the stockings unstuffed and cookies devoured for breakfast and the kids have had time to play with their new presents from Santa (and,ahem, the big people...who doesn't love fondling new books and fun stuff) what's the next fun thing to do before sitting down to a Christmas feast?


Over Thanksgiving when my Mom and I had finished checking out at Jo-Ann Fabric I saw they were having a class to make tree decorations that were just too beautiful. When I asked about them I learned they were made with paper and a paper punch. The class cost $35, but I sourced the materials and decided it would be a fun thing to do with the kids. I even had a couple of the Styrofoam tree forms so I only needed two and I already had a paper punch too. So it was mainly the straight pearl headed pins (and luckily Amazon had them at a decent price).

E punching out shapes to pin.

C wasn't eager to smile for a photo...Little Man went along.

Careful placement!

Of all of us E was the most careful with his, his pinning was so careful! He alternated red and green flowers with red and green pin centers.

My brother helped my littlest nephew with punching out shapes and pinning.

Can't wait to show off some finished projects!

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