Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Crafting with Food: Tiramisu

So when we went to Italy, Little Man had his first taste of tiramisu and then wanted it everywhere. I told him I'd look for a recipe so we could try to make it ourselves. I found a recipe from Epicurious for what they called the best tiramisu and the ladyfinger cookies were at ALDI...and I decided we'd take it on. Little Man had an early dismissal day so first I took him to the aquarium to see three sea turtles that were rescued and being rehabbed to be be released.

Then when we got home I surprised him with our activity for the day.  He was excited to help!

He liked using the mixer and helped with everything but cracking the eggs. He was really good at dipping the ladyfingers into coffee.

He took the work very seriously!

The result? Heaven on a plate! Light, delicious and if you closed your eyes you could have pretended you were sitting somewhere in Italy eating it! We'll definitely be making it again, just not too often it's too tempting to just keep eating it!

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