Monday, February 22, 2016

Preemie Hats Gift

My friend whose little boy is still in the NICU just had a birthday. She didn't want any what I did is I knit up a micropreemie,preemie and newborn hat for a boy and a girl for her to donate to the NICU.  I used a pattern by KnittingDaddy for the little white hats for girls...I love the hearts knit into the fabric. For the boys I just winged it. She thought they were super cute!

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Anonymous said...

Those hats are so precious, and I think it's great that you chose to honor the birthday with hats that can be donated to the NICU in lieu of presents. Thank you so much for doing that -- preemie hats mean a lot to the families that receive them. Thanks also for knitting from my pattern. :)

-KnittingDaddy Greg