Sunday, May 22, 2016

Socks to Share!

What has happened to me?!? I think it all started with those Christmas socks and now I can't get enough. Besides the obvious benefit of using fabulous yarn, I love how convenient they are to tote around. And they knit up so fast! And the patterns are so fun to watch appear!

These socks are the SO popular Monkey pattern knit in Malabrigo yarn. They are so delicious on my toes! Soft and cozy, and the color is so gorgeous!

These socks are the Zigtagular Socks knit in yarn I had left after making a pair of little slippers. The yarn was from Sock Yarn Cinema and it was from the Titanic month...the colorway is called "Heart of the Ocean" it!!! These are super comfy too!!! I kind of thought of waves when I saw the the pattern went well with the yarn!

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