Monday, July 25, 2016

I Told You I Needed More!

The sewing machine was already it was nothing to quickly sew up this shark DPN holder!! And it's just in time to hold stitches on the needles of my Shark Bite sock!

Pictured below is the 2nd sock. I knit the entire intarsia (picture part)of the first sock, then planned to knit the entire intarsia part for the 2nd. But I changed how I carried the yarn on the 2nd sock and didn't have the puckering that I had on the first...and decided I needed to take the 1st sock apart and knit it again...because it would have bothered me too much to have a rippled looking shark on my sock...can you see the difference? I didn't carry the yarn on the better sock. It made the knitting a little more of a pain...but the shark looks SO much better!

No bueno...hated how this one looked! Glad I took the time to redo it and make it better!

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