Friday, July 1, 2016

The Rest of the Visit!

Besides going to the movies, the bookstore, eating,going to the Farmer's Market, the craft store, etc...we also picked strawberries at a great new orchard my mom had read about called Weaver's Orchard.

The ground was nice and level so the walking was easy...and they give you a row to start so you're going to areas that haven't been picked. These strawberries were SCRUMPTIOUS!!! They were perfect! Huge! The perfect level of sweetness....they were amazing!!!

We also went to their market and they had lots of great local food. They also offer cooking classes where you pick your ingredients and then they teach you how to cook cool, I'll definitely look into them next visit!

Little Man had fun trying to find the Queen Bee in the hive!

Both boys cut strawberries...and then Mom and I took them and made strawberry jam for the family and friends!!

You know what else we did? Harry Potter Night! My nephew loves it too so we had a Harry Potter menu with pork chops, mashed potatoes and buttered peas. And butterbeer to drink of course! We played a Harry Potter trivia game and watched one of the movies too. So much fun!

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