Monday, August 29, 2016

My Middle Schooler!

I am now the mother of a middle-schooler...I'm not quite sure how time has gone by so fast...but today Little Man had his first day of 6th Grade.

I gave him kisses before the walk to the bus stop so I wouldn't embarrass him there...

And we took our usual First Day of School Photo (while I wondered how many more years I have before he's taller than me).

He stood for a photo in front of the house.

And then, I thought it would be nice to celebrate the first day of school with a cake...and was HORRIFIED that the red velvet cake came out like this...

I've never had that happen! The cake just came apart on one side as I was icing it. Ugh. 

It didn't look nice but it tasted yummy, so the day was saved. And Little Man is ready for new school adventures!

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