Sunday, August 21, 2016


Y'all know I love Susan B Anderson. Her knit wear designs are so fun! And she comes up with great techniques! So, when I saw she released a new sock pattern with a great afterthought heel variation AND I've been wanting to tackle an afterthought heel AND there was going to be a knit along...I was in! But what yarn to use? I wanted something where the stripes were really I went with the leftover yarn from my Christmas socks.

Sock 1 went smoothly...I made sure to make it short so that I would have enough yarn (hopefully) for both.

Look at the great way the heel shows off the yarn striping!

Here's the second sock with the gray yarn placed as a holder. You pick up the stitches above and below to work the fun!

At the end of sock two I played a serious game of yarn chicken! You can see the one on the bottom has different striping on the heel...I ran out of green! But I had enough to finish and they fit perfectly...I look forward to wearing them this Christmas! And to think, I got two pairs of Christmas socks from one skein!

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