Friday, September 9, 2016

Crafting With Ravioli

I thought it would be yummy to try to make homemade ravioli. Little Man got excited to help so we tackled the cooking together. First we made the pasta dough, then while that set we worked on the mushrooms.  And there were tons of mushrooms! We made Wild Mushroom Ravioli in a Mushroom Cream Sauce. I think we worked through 3 lbs of mushrooms! Little Man got lots of cutting practice! We made the filling and then started rolling out sheets of pasta.  We used a ravioli press to form even shaped ravioli. The first sheet went all to hell and I was so worried we'd have to order takeout...and what would we do with tons of mushroom filling?!?! But it all worked out when I made the next batch just one setting less thin.  And, then...perfection! The dough was light and airy and the filling was amazing...and we made enough for another meal!

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