Friday, November 11, 2016

Wizarding World of Harry Potter Part 1!

A couple of years ago when Little Man had hit a point where reading the Harry Potter series was possible, we started Harry Potter nights. After he read one of the books I cooked a meal from the Harry Potter Cookbook and would find a little gift that was Harry Potter themed. Then, while we ate the dinner we would watch the movie that corresponded with the book he had just read. We didn't watch any of the movies with him before he read the book. The books get to be pretty big, so Hubby and I told him when he finished the last book of the series we would take him to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Orlando. Fast forward to this past spring and we weren't in a place time-wise or financially to take him at the time. So, as his birthday approached Hubby and I decided to do what we needed to to finally make it happen.

We left the day before his birthday and drove to my sister's place, had dinner with her that evening and then turned in early to be ready to get up with dawn the next morning for the drive to the theme park.

We started with Universal Studios and walked through City Walk, Then we walked through Production Central, New York and San Francisco before making it to London where the Harry Potter Wizarding World begins.

We made a call to the Ministry of Magic from the phone booth...

...and stopped to talk with the Night Bus driver and the shrunken head! The shrunken head actually chats and interacts too...he talked to Little Man and wished him a happy birthday....later he asked my sister if she had been attacked by a werewolf because her jeans were ripped...too funny!

We actually had to ask a witch for help finding Diagon Alley! It was so well hidden it felt like magic when we found the opening!

It was so fun and lively!

I may have squealed when I saw the magical knitting needles...although I still haven't decided if I would really like some or not...seems like it would take all the fun out of it!

Stay tuned for more of the magic!!

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