Friday, May 25, 2007

Charlotte At Play

Well it took me more than a day to post about Charlotte at Play, but here it is. Charlotte at Play, a discovery museum for children, has a lot of exhibits that Little Man just loves. We've been several times, by ourselves and with visiting friends, and Little Man goes crazy every time. This past Monday Charlotte at Play celebrated its first birthday and gave free admission to anyone bringing new or used books or art supplies. This deal was nice since admission is $6/person over the age of 2...not expensive but not something you want to do all the time. There was such a long line we had to come back after lunch, and that meant we missed the magician and cake, but Little Man wasn't disappointed. He headed right to the race track!
There is a grocery store where the kids can shop, and next door a diner where they can "cook" and then sit and "eat".

There is a construction site.

A choo-choo train

A performance stage with instruments and a backstage dressing area with a vanity table, and outfits.

The pirate ship

The pirate ship's slide

An animal hospital

A campground complete with fish on the grill and forest animals

There's loads more...a fairy tale castle where you can dress as a prince or princess, a puppet theater, a dental exhibit, a dino dig, a wooden train set, an arts and crafts area (which has a different craft each day), a story time room, and a toddler "park" where only children under 2 may play. They offer a lot of special activities throughout the year. You may notice some of these photos have Little Man dressed as Superman. That would be because those pictures were from the Halloween celebration where there was a costume parade and special fall activities. If you're ever in Charlotte and need something fun to do (especially when the weather is ugly), head to Charlotte at Play (your kids may never want to leave).

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