Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day Weekend! Mine isn't quite over yet since the husband and I haven't watched Pearl Harbor yet this evening which we do every year, but I thought I would post about what we already did.

Hubby was away Thursday-Friday and when he got back we had yard work to do, cleaning that I hadn't finished, and grocery shopping. My husband invited everyone from his family over for a barbecue on Saturday. The only ones who showed up were his sister Angela, her husband Vernon, her daughter Antwenetta, their friends Shirley and Anthony (who brought their children Shereena (6) and Antoine (8) and their nephew Malik (4)), his brother John, and his nephew's children Ariel (7)and Christian (2). They arrived around 4:30 and we had the kids playing on the slippy slide for quite a while.

Little Man at the slippy slide.

After we cleaned the kids up we ate the food we had grilled while they were playing. Then we armed them with water guns and told them they could shoot at anything except each other.For dessert I bought an American Flag chocolate cake. Afterwards the kids watched the film Cars in our home theater and some of the adults played with the badminton set we had picked up for the kids (oh was it funny to watch).

On Sunday we drove half an hour away to Jetton Park at Lake Norman to spend some time watching the boats while we ate lunch.

Then we walked along the shaded trails that run parallel to the waterfront and enjoyed the cool breezes blowing in from the water.

The park also has shaded bikes that you can rent but the rental booth was still closed. The bikes seat 2 adults side-by-side under a canopy and then there is a separate seat for up to 2 children to sit in front of them.

And if biking isn't your thing there are always some pretty comfy swings to sit on.

After we got back I tried to relax since the cold I have has left me wiped out. Then it was time to socialize again when we had our neighbors over for steaks. I figured it was better to have both the events the same weekend for 2 reasons: 1. the house is currently immaculate and won't stay that way without a lot of effort long, and 2. bar review starts tomorrow and I won't have time to worry about the house being clean and cooking at the same time for a couple of months. After we stuffed ourselves, looked at some photos, showed Jean the changes to the house (she lives two houses away and was the realtor we bought the house through), and ate some Dutch apple pie a la mode (Jean brought the pie), they headed up the street and Little Man got a bath and went to bed. Then Hubby and I watched "The Painted Veil," with Naomi Watts and Edward Norton. I liked it, the visuals were beautiful and the story was romantic and depressing at the same time. Not the best I've ever seen but I didn't feel like I had wasted 2 hours either. While I watched I finished seaming the second sleeve of Little Man's birthday sweater on. Oh how I hate seaming!
I know there haven't been a lot of craft photos in the last week (despite this blog being craft-focused), so here is one to hold you over until the finale photo, which will hopefully be up by tomorrow or the next day.
And today you ask, what did I do today? I slept in (my sinuses are killing me). And then the hubby and I went to the movies for the first time since November! We saw Spider-Man 3! And we really enjoyed it! YAAAAYYYY!!! Hubby's sister watched Little Man for a couple of hours at our house and when we got back I worked on teaching her daughter how to knit. Then we ate leftovers and now we are watching Pearl Harbor and I'm going to get to work finishing the seaming I have left to do (YUCK!)

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