Thursday, June 7, 2007

It's really hard...

It's really hard to let him grow up the way he needs me to. It's especially hard this week because on Saturday we bought him a big-boy trike to replace his ride-on toy that was just too small, and then on Tuesday we had to transform his crib into the toddler bed after he fell out. My nephew made the transition at 3 years of age, and after reading up on the subject I learned it is acceptable to wait to transition if the child has shown no interest in attempting to climb out. So we had planned on waiting until his third birthday, and I was unprepared for this next move towards being a big boy. He is doing well so far in the toddler bed, he seems not to have realized that he could get out if he wanted to, right now he is content to call out for us like he has done for so almost seems like he is doing it for my benefit, giving me the time to adjust to the idea. It's really hard to let go, to be the good parent who doesn't suffocate.
T riding his bike in the front yard (and no, we don't have a freaky red rectangle over the door, I used Photoshop to cross-out our house number).

His new tricycle. It came with other stickers of a character we aren't really familiar with, so I bought Cars stickers and hubby and T placed them on together (see, I didn't do a craft project!)
The other side of his trike.

T in his toddler bed. I'll post photos of his painting and his magnetic fish at some other point so you can see them better.

Oh, and what else has happened this week? I got a phone call with a job offer, was told I had the job if someone didn't call back by the following day by 5 PM, was told to refamiliarize myself with Microsoft Access, was called the following day and told I would need to start next Monday (after i said Friday was too soon), and then was called less than 2 hours later to be told I didn't have the position, the guy had called at 5:09. Yes, it completely sucked. Hubby is traveling next week and I already had to hire help for T in the evenings while I'm at my bar review class, so I had to also try to figure out who could watch T for me during the day for me to start this position. It was REALLY stressful trying to figure it all out. And for what? A big fat nothing, that's what! So, I'm still looking and hoping! Next time I plan to post about crafty endeavors from last year. Have a great Friday!


Rodrigo said...

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capemayclimber said...

I think,because Thomas came early when he was born, he might just be quick to do things! I'm sure he will keep his Mommy and Daddy on their all times. He seems advanced for his age..not that I am prejudiced or anything.

Grandma North

Pleasance said...

Interesting to know.