Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Day 2 & 3

The second day of our trip was incredible...perfect. Little Man woke up, Hubby got up with him for a half hour, and then we all put on our bathing suits and sunscreen. That's right, from morning til night we were in our bathing suits. We took the golf cart down to the Meet N Eat and had breakfast outside at a picnic table. There was a nice breeze blowing, the sun was shining, and breakfast was great-tasting but affordable (eggs with bacon and homefries and pancakes). We also stopped by the market which is next-door and grabbed some water for the beach and paper towels. Then we climbed back into the golf cart. The golf carts help make Ocean Lakes such a great place to stay. Everything you may need is located on the property and with a golf cart to get around there are fewer cars driving in and out, and it makes driving around more enjoyable. It also makes it nice trekking down to the beach with buckets and beach chairs (because you don't have to carry them down there yourself which could be pretty far depending on where your rental is located). All of the areas have golf cart specific parking.

Th arcade, the snack cafe, and bathrooms are located in this building, and you go through here to access the outdoor pools, the miniature golf course and the indoor pool.

Little Man and I parked at the beach before heading to the beach.

A photo of some of the oceanfront houses taken while I was sitting in the golf cart.

Obviously the beach. We were on the beach before 10 AM. Because we were able to eat right there it didn't take us any time to eat, run to the market and drive up to the beach. It was gorgeous weather.

After 2.5 hours at the beach we rinsed off and headed to the pools. We stayed half an hour before heading to the Meet N Eat for lunch. (If you stay here be sure to pick yourself up a souvenir cup for $1.99, because after you do all refills cost $ 0.49...what a deal over a few days or a week's time!)
We ate lunch back at the house, and then Little Man took a nap while Hubby and I relaxed. Hubby took his laptop to the free wireless area to check his email, and I knit a little on Barnacle Bill.

After Little Man woke up from his nap we went back to the pools. and splashed around and he played football in the water with some other little boys and his Daddy.

Above are Hubby and Little Man walking to the golf cart so we could head back to the house. We grabbed dinner on the way, changed and ate. Then we headed to the arcade.

PINK SKEE-BALL!! They knew I was coming! They had all kinds of different games and we played quite a few, but it wasn't too expensive which was nice. Afterwards we collected up our tickets and picked out some prizes for Little Man.

Little Man and Daddy playing a racing game.
After we finished playing in the arcade we stopped to get cream for the boys, and a funnel cake for me (sized for one perfect!) We ate our treats back at the house and then we turned in.

Little Man in his ocean pajamas from Grandma North (how thematically perfect!)

A view of the kitchen and part of the living room of our rental.

Our rental unit

The master bedroom

The beach from the end of the walkway

One of the oceanfront playgrounds

One of the freshwater lakes you can fish in.

Another lake
After we woke up on Sunday we ate, finished packing and cleaning up, looked around the market, and then checked-out. Then we started talking about when we can go back. A great weekend. Oh, and if you don't like the idea of a mobile home, etc. there are campsites for tents or campers, and there are huge houses on stilts, some of which sleep up to 17 people. We chose to stay somewhere more modest, but that doesn't mean that Ocean Lakes doesn't have something for everyone!
Hope you enjoyed the photo heavy-post! And the Batman-Inspired Sweater pattern is done, I'm proofreading it today!

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