Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Latta Plantation

On Saturday we went to the Latta Nature Center and Preserve which has a nature reserve, a raptor center and the historic Latta Plantation. We hadn't been there before but it was a nice activity since the weather was cool but sunny. First we went to the nature Center where Little Man was able to see turtles, a fish, and snakes. We just missed the papermaking activity, but Little Man had fun seeing the animals. Then we went to the Raptor Center where we saw owls, falcons, bald eagles, etc. We may go to Howl-O-Ween there where they will have special Halloween activities and demonstrations with the birds. After that we passed the Equestrian Center where you can go on guided trail rides and pony rides, and went to the plantation where the 26th Annual Folklife Festival was taking place.

The festival was fun, Little Man finally got to see a horse and a cow live and in person which he has been asking for for weeks. We learned that tea used to be bought in big blocks that would be scraped into a pot and brewed. We also saw a pig, and a woman dressed in period clothes spinning. We just had a really relaxing time taking in the sights, breathing the fresh air and enjoying the sunshine.

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Sereknitty said...

I gotta tell you ... that chirpy thing scared the living crap out of me!!!! Guess I had the volume button too high.