Thursday, October 4, 2007

This post is dedicated to...

Myra from Kings Mountain, North Carolina. She is evidence that there are some really great people out there willing to do something nice for a stranger. Although after an hour and a half in line, we weren't complete strangers anymore when she snapped this amazing photo of me and NICHOLAS SPARKS!!! Yes, now you know I wasn't making it up.

I haven't been crafting too much this week since I've been applying for jobs and Hubby was out of town since Monday. I have started the pirate buddy bag, and I put aside Barnacle Bill until after the buddy bag is finished since I was completely annoyed when I messed up the pirate's hands and he looked deformed. Not cool.

Last Friday we drove to Atlanta and spent the weekend with our friends there and their two children who are around Little Man's age. R treated me to a massage at Massage Envy which was great, and she had one at the same time so we had the same treatment room, and had the chance to talk a lot. We had Mexican for dinner, played with the kids, and then the men headed out so her husband could buy XBox 360 and Halo 3 (her husband and I went to law school together). Then after the kids went down she and I watched Knocked Up (very funny), while drinking apple pie martinis while our husbands played video games until 2:30 AM. The next day she went to a yard sale for her daughter's school and the men and I took the kids to Monkey Joe's where they played on inflatables. The rest of the day we really just ate, and played with the kids. We had a nice relaxing time. And we got to go to IKEA on Sunday with them and eat lunch before we headed home. YEAH! Love IKEA!

Other than all that, nothing else to talk about. But we are looking forward to our Thomas the Train outing this weekend! Little Man should look so cute in his engineer cap and bandanna!


Michelle said...

Sounds like you had fun in Atlanta. I love visiting there!

Sereknitty said...

What a fun-filled, jam-packed weekend you had ... I'm envious!