Monday, November 12, 2007

November 12th


There was a book my brother and sister and I had as kids called Berenstein Bears: Too Much Birthday. Well, I think I've had too much birthday and too much birthday cake. I'm glad that we didn't do too much yesterday, but wow has Little Man been playing like a little lunatic.

And, in crafting news...

As I mentioned before I went to my first knitting meet-up on Saturday. It was the first get-together of the Knitting Nuts (named for the felted acorn magnet Aura made for Connie). It was everything I hoped a knitting group would be: everyone was friendly, everyone shared projects, we learned from each other, there were goodies close-by, and no one was snobby about yarns used or the level of knitters. Add to that the cute baby that came with her Mom, the comfiness of the couches and chairs, how close it was for me to get to, and that there was a rest room (necessary for me when I have coffee) and I had a damn good time! To see photos go to Connie's blog.

Anyway I took the yarn and needles to start the second knit snake (the first went to Little Man but was adopted by my nephew so I'm making a replacement for Little Man). I'm working on my Pop's cable scarf for Christmas but it requires too much concentration for me to work on that while I talk to new people and drink yummy coffee. Connie noticed I was knitting it flat (the way the pattern is written) and suggested I knit it in the round. She even met me on Sunday to lend me a circular needle for it. I started it on dpns (double-pointed needles) and then transferred it to the circular. But I didn't like it. I had to make it too big around to get it on the circular needle. So here is a photo so that Connie knows I really did try, but I will have to save my first circular needle project for something else. Maybe a hat?

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Connie said...

Oh, I'm sorry that the circ didn't work...:( Well you could still finish it circular anyway, just use your DPN's.