Tuesday, November 13, 2007

November 13th

Today Little Man had his 3-year check-up. We managed to make it a whole year without seeing the doctor. He's been sick, but not so badly that we had to see his physician. Let's see if we can do that again! He's 39 inches tall, weighs 34.2 lbs., and is in the 75th percentile for both. He won't be a small man, that's for sure. We read Tommy Visits the Doctor while we waited for the doctor (from our own collection), and Little Man received The Tale of Peter Rabbit at the end of his visit. I told him he would be getting shots (Hep. A #2 and the flu shot) and I described what they would feel like, etc. He didn't even cry! He poked out his lip and said, "Where my lollipop?" because in the book after Tommy gets his shot he gets a lollipop. Well, luckily his doctor's office does the same thing, so he was happy. He's been into lollipops ever since Halloween.

After a treat lunch from McDonald's Little Man went to school and I made sure that our family turkey was colored to take to his school when we went to pick him up. I even added a bell ribbon collar and googly eyes. Hubby colored. Then I went to help our niece finish her cable purse and after that we went to pick up Little Man. We were the only ones who colored the turkey and brought it back in. There was supposed to be a vote for Best Dressed Turkey from each room, but we wound up winning by default since yesterday was the deadline. Hubby was making fun of me because I took it sooo seriously, (I told him a woman with a craft room must take a crafty challenge seriously). So he starts saying, "well, our turkey won." But in my mind, it wasn't a real win, it was a technicality. Where's the glory in that? [And I feel more than a little embarrassed that I was the only one who actually did it]

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