Saturday, November 17, 2007

November 17th

What a full day I had today!

I got up this morning, had breakfast, got dressed, and after Hubby and Little Man were dressed and bundled up, we headed off to A Way Home's 3rd Annual Homeless Awareness Walk. In August I contacted Stand Up For Kids, Inc. which started a branch here in Charlotte in the last year and their organization works to help homeless kids, in order to volunteer. Earlier, this year a bill was passed in Congress calling for November to be National Homeless Youth Awareness Month, a bill that Stand Up For Kids, Inc was instrumental in pushing through. So in honor of that Stand Up For Kids, Inc's Charlotte branch worked with A Way Home this year to bring attention to the problem of homeless youths. In Mecklenburg County there are currently 5,000 homeless people, with 2,000 CMS students being homeless. It's obviously a problem that has touched our community. Anyway, my family headed out and participated in the 5K walk. I wasn't able to pre-register since we weren't sure when we would be traveling, but I'm so glad I was able to participate and so glad Hubby and Little Man came too. I hope to teach Little Man how important it is to be concerned for others, and how so little can make a big difference to someone else.

We met with others from Stand Up For Kids, Inc., had hot apple cider, walked (with Little Man in his stroller), came back and had some Minestrone soup while enjoying the crisp autumn day, and overall just felt really good about going. There was also some fun music, and other kids for Little Man to play with, it was a great experience and I highly recommend it to other people for next year...hint, hint, hint.

Then we quickly went to Michael's and headed home. I grabbed my knitting bag and off I went to go to my first Charlotte Purls knitting meet-up. Oh, was that fun! There were a lot of knitters, of all skill levels. There were lots of projects, it was just a great time! If you'd like to see photos of the fun check-out the Charlotte Purls blogspot here. (and you'll have to forgive my appearance in any photos...I had done a 5K after all!). And, after we had introduced ourselves, taken photos, gabbed, and admired the Fetchings that the earlier Purls had made during a KAL (knit a long), and saw a knit hat on a cute baby, something else great happened. Connie said she had a trunk full of yarn she wanted to get rid of and let us have at it...oh what a sight that was. You would have thought none of us had seen yarn before. Now I'm not the pushy sort, but I still wound up with some good thanks Connie, I see more toys in my future! And the best part? What could my husband possibly complain about...I didn't buy it!

Now I'm sitting on my butt, catching my breath, and I'm going to sit back and knit, hope you're able to do the same!


Connie said...

So glad you did get some of the yarn, it was crazy and I apologize for pushing you through the ladies, but I wanted you to get some too...LOL

We love free yarn don't we? Oh and you looked fine, even your hair and hey I should know...!

Virtuous said...

Haha! It was so great to finally meet you Rose!!

YAH!! @ free yarn! :oD