Friday, November 2, 2007

November 2nd

So I've realized that my blog hasn't really given a complete picture of my life lately. I don't want people to think I craft all day and I have a merry old time sitting around watching tv and eating bon-bons, so I thought I'd share the full story.

There are a lot of things going on that have been stressing me out, giving me headaches, anxiety attacks, chest pains, and more that I won't share. A tumor has been found on my father's liver that may be cancerous, my brother's ex-wife attempted suicide and he is now fighting for custody, I am far away from my family and can't be supportive, my husband had a skin biopsy and the pathology report came back inconclusive so he has to be tested again for skin cancer, and I am still unemployed. Add to these issues the fact that no one seems to understand what I do all day, and I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs to get out all the pent up feelings I'm having. I'm angry that those closest to me can actually think I'm not trying. I'm frustrated that I can't show how hard I can work, what an asset I will be as a lawyer. I'm also frustrated that I'm not earning money. My pride has taken a beating, and I wonder if I'll ever get over all of the setbacks I've had over the last few years.

I want everyone to know/understand that I do not craft during the day, I only craft in the evenings except very rarely on weekends. During the day I clean, cook, run errands, search for jobs, apply for jobs, and network. I am not unemployed because I choose to be, and I hope I won't be for too much longer. But please don't think I have a life of leisure. You can't be struggling the way I am and be leisurely.

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