Wednesday, November 7, 2007

November 7th

I'm in birthday mode right now, getting things ready for Little Man's birthday party at school on Friday. The cake has been ordered (wait til you see it), and the favor bags are almost done. Hubby is away this week for work, he'll be back on Thursday and then on Friday we will pick up the cake, a couple of balloons, and the TRAIN TABLE will be assembled in Little Man's room for him to be surprised when he gets home. We decided it just wouldn't be the same to present it to him in the box, plus it would require massive amounts of paper to wrap it. So instead of giving it to him on his birthday (which is Sunday) we're doing it today. Otherwise Hubby wouldn't have been able to get it put together without Little Man seeing it. (One of Little Man's favorite things to ask is, "Daddy/Mommy what doing?"...Yeah, nothing gets by him, including the big package from Grandma North with his birthday presents inside.

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