Tuesday, November 6, 2007

November 6th, Weekend Fun Part 2

So after we ate lunch, packed up and got dressed we drove to Ray's Splash Planet and played in the park before heading to the indoor waterpark.

R didn't quite know what to think of all the rushing water!

Little Man jumped right in.

So did R's big sister K.

The two mommies enjoyed a few spins around the lazy river

And silly R videotaped one of his journeys down the 3-story waterslide. He had a great time slippin' and slidin' down, just like R did when she screamed the whole way down, it was hilarious.

When we got back home the kids watched Cars in the media room.

After the kids watched their movie we all ate Chinese for dinner. Then we opened Little Man's birthday presents: a Thomas the Train learning kit with stamps, stickers, flash cards, dry erase surfaces and much more and pajamas.

And then I had them open their Christmas gift early since we probably won't see them now until next year and I didn't want to send it via the mail. It was a gift basket made in a galvanized tub with the theme backyard fun. Frozen margarita fixings, a remote grill thermometer, outfits and toys for the kids and a Backyardigans book, all in a tub that drinks can sit in ice in.

The kids had baths and went down soon after we opened presents, and wow, they were pooped. Then the adults sat outside on the deck for a little bit before the men headed upstairs to play Xbox and R and I sat to watch License to Wed with Robin Williams. It was good, definitely not one I need to buy, but much better than I thought it would be. The men came down for a break and we all ate apple crumb pie with ice cream and whipped topping, and after the movie was over, R and I turned in and then men followed soon after.

The next morning K, an early riser, woke around 5:15 AM and we ate eggs, potatoes, and bacon. And some of us had cinnamon rolls. We played and lounged around a little and then we all washed up and got dressed. R packed up their things and then she and I headed to BJs Warehouse Club and then to the Dollar Tree. We had fun browsing and found some nice things. Afterwards we headed home and after the kids ate lunch the family headed home. And Hubby headed for the media room to watch the football game. We had a great, full weekend.

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